Love at first sight 2- Sorry

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Chapter 2


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I took off my school shoes and went inside my house. "I'm home....." "Welcome home, sweetie!" mum greeted me. "Sweetie, what happened to your eyes? It's all swollen and red, did something happened?" "No..nothing happened mum... my eyes itches just now so I keep rubbing it until its and swollen..mum...I'm tired..can I go upstairs now?" " But I was just going to ask you to help me wash the dishes...fine. I'll do it myself." I thanked my mum and went upstairs. I opened the door and immediately run to my bed and take a rest. That jerk....I wish I had my pocketknife that time! I seriously want to stab him in the heart! " Lucia!!!! I forgot to tell you that Hillary called the house just now!! She said she can't call your cell phone!! She told me to help her say thank you!!" mum yelled from downstairs. That's right! talking to Hillary can help me relieve my stress! I snapped my fingers. Let's see...where's my bag? bag..bag... where is it?!

I ran downstairs and went to the kitchen. "MUM!! Did you saw my bag?! It's missing!!!" "No, sweetie. Calm down! u look like a baboon when you're all crazy!" "MUM. I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR JOKES." I gave my mum a death glare. Boy, she was frightened. Where the hell did my bag go?! My cell phone is inside! Oh...wait..OH. MY. GOD. My bag...I threw it to that jerk!! How am I suppose to do my homework?! And my cell phone!! This is the worst day of my life!!

I called Hillary using my house phone. "Hello?" "Hillary!! What should I do, what should I do?!" "what's the matter, Lucia?" I took a deep breath and spill everything out. "I see...too bad." "Is that all you can say?! I'm having a crisis over here!! Help me Hill!" " Lucia, calm down. there's only math homework today and besides, he'll probably give your bag tomorrow. Well...duhh.." "I don't think he will.." " Huh? What? What did you say just now? I can't hear you" "nothing." I quickly hang up the phone before she could say anything. Well....that didn't help. I just hope he doesn't hold grudges. I went back upstairs, change into my pyjamas and sleep since I got nothing to do..

The alarm clock was ringing and I woke up. I went to the bathroom to wash myself, change my pyjamas into school uniform and went jumping down the stairs. " You're not going to skip your breakfast like yesterday will you?"said mum with her sarcastic face. I chuckled. "No, mum. I won't for today." I ate some nuggets and sausages mum cook for me and took a sip of orange juice. Should I go apologize to him? Will he give back my bag? I sat on the chair for several minutes. Suddenly, mum snapped me out and told me to go for school now, I'll be late if I don't go now.

I thanked my mum for the breakfast, went outside, put on my school shoes and walked to school. Hillary greeted me when I'm halfway to school, She kept talking about her date last night, how he hold her hands, how he treat her or whatever. Like I care. I only care about my bag for now, nothing else.

We went in our class and thank god! He's there! sitting, reading a comic. I went near him and slam his table. "where's my bag?!" He looked up and took out a bag, my bag. "Here, Sorry." He stood up and walked away from class. I opened my bag and check it. Good! Everything's here. I took out my mathematics exercise book and opened it. Surprisingly, all the question were answered! I asked the smartest girl in our class for her book and compared my book with her's ,all answers are the same. I guess he didn't trick me or anything. I should really apologize to him. I felt really bad for what I've did yesterday.

Class started and it's our homeroom teacher teaching in the first period. I took a glance at the guy's desk and there was no sign of him. " Shawn skipping class again? Seriously, kids these days need to study hard and not enjoying themselves! Listen here students! Don't be like Shawn!" oh, I see...his name is Shawn. I overheard some students were talking about him, saying he always went to the rooftop when he feels like skipping class. I raised up my hand and told the teacher that I want to be excuse. Teacher took out the permission card and lend it to me.

I quickly run outside of my classroom and dash all the way to the rooftop. I reached the rooftop's door and opened it.

It's looks like it's about to rain. My eye took a sight of a figure lying on the floor. As I walk closer to the figure I can tell that it's a guy, maybe it's Shawn? I walk quicker towards the figure and yes! It's Shawn! I bend down and took a closer look at him. My, he's pretty cute! I suddenly have the urge to touch his hair. I can't resist myself and before I knew it, I already touched his hair. It was nice and soft.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Shawn suddenly woke up. I quickly take my hands off of his hair and stood up. He stood up after me. He yawned and stretched his body. "Well? What now?" He looked at me, puzzled. "Um..well..about yesterday. Sorry!" I quickly bow to him. 

"HAHAHA!!!!" huh??what? did he just LAUGHED? 


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