Love at first sight 5-Asked out?!

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Love at first sight, Chapter 5.

Enjoy reading.


Several minutes passed (or maybe hours), I stood up and went outside the classroom still feeling depressed. I walked down the stairs and I accidentally bumped to Hillary.

"Hey Lucia! What's up with the sad look?"

"Where were you just now?"

"I was about to chase you that time when suddenly Mr. Burner called me and drag me to the teacher's office. Sorry."

"That's okay." Actually, it's not okay. The time when I needed her the most to comfort me she didn't appear. But, I don't want to talk more to her anymore, I'm really tired.

Hillary tried to apologize but I just ignored her and brushed her off. I walked out of school, the wind was blowing harder this time, it messed my hair but I don't seem to care about it at all.

I stopped walking when I was at the park, I sit at the bench near the playground and breathe in the clear air, then suddenly a puppy went jumping to me and licked my face, Yuck.

I pushed the puppy down and rubbed its belly. The puppy barked happily.

"That's my puppy."

I tilted up my head and saw Shawn with his ordinary outfits on. He was wearing a white hoodie and he was holding his iPod with his white earphones on.  He took off his earphones, put his iPod in his pocket, bent down and hugged the puppy.

"Hey, boy. Don't run astray again!" he patted the puppy's head and the puppy barked.

Shawn sat down beside me and looked at me. "You don't look okay, what happened?" he frowned and begged me to tell him.

I can't hide this forever, I need someone to hear my problems! I sighed and blurted everything out. "A gang of girls, told me to not get near you anymore, if I did they'll kill me." I looked at Shawn to see his expression.

"Them again." He sighed and hold the pup up.

"You know them?"

"One of them is my sister, the leader I guess. Her name is Sophie. She's made the fangirl group thing, I told her to stop it but she never listens. She's a stubborn older sister."

"Why did she form that group?"

"Cause she loves me too much? I don't know." He let the puppy down and the puppy ran catching butterflies. He looked straight into my eyes. "So that's why you refuse my invitation, Penny was walking at the corridor right?"


"I won't accept your apology" I looked at him, stunned. "unless you go to a live concert tomorrow with me." He smiled warmly.

"Sure, but I have to be careful..."

"No need to be worry, the fangirl group thing always held meetings on Sundays. You're safe."

"Let me walk you home, I don't think Poru wants to say goodbye to you yet." His eyes locked at Poru "Poru, come!" Poru ran straight to Shawn and Shawn scratched Poru's head. Poru's tail was waving."Where's your house anyway?"

"Downhill street." I brushed my hair "Just beyond this street."

"Okay." He gave me his hand. "Come on, a bus is coming!"

I took Poru from Shawn and ran together with him. The bus was about to close the door when Shawn stopped the door and we got on it. The bus driver looked mad but he just let us in anyway. We sat on the back seat of the bus. An old woman was seating next to us. She saw Poru and took out a sandwich and gave it to Poru, Poru barked happily and licked the old woman's hand.

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