Love at first sight 3-Trouble

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Love at first sight, Chapter 3


"Hahaha! you're funny! shortie!"

I looked up and saw him laughing. Why is he laughing? What's soo funny about a girl apologizing to a guy? Did he just called me short?! I gave Shawn a puzzled look.


"Why are you laughing?"

" I don't care if you want to apologize to me or not. Besides, I totally dodge the throw"

" But I scolded you. Still, what's soo funny?"

"I don't mind getting scold. My parents always scold me,'s nothing. I'm laughing cause of you. I don't get apologies that much, but here I am, listening to a girl apologizing to me even though she didn't do anything. Funny actually."

I still don't get it.

"Why did you walked away after you gave me my bag?"

"Cause class is about to start?"

I just stood still, speechless. I can't bring up a topic to talk. Suddenly I remembered that I have to go back to class. I have been away for quite some time. Teacher must be wondering now.

"Hey Shawn, you're not planning to go back? Teacher's looking for you."

"Nope. I rather enjoy the scenery here than go back to class, studying."

"Scenery? What scenery? I can't see anything here.."

"Wow. Never saw the great scenery? Come."

He led me to the roof's fences and lift me up a bit. Cause I'm quite short to see the whole scenery which I found is very disturbing. I looked down and wow. You can't believe how amazing the view is from up here! In case you don't know, my school is located at the top of the hill. The sea looks amazingly blue and it's sparkling! All the peoples who's walking at the sideways looks soo small!I think I saw my house!

"Umm...let me down please?" I felt a little bit embarrassed that he's lifting me.

"Oh! y-yeah..okay.."

Shawn let me down. I tried to look at his face but he turned away. Just a moment ago, did he blushed?

"Well...I'm going back." I said to him.

Shawn nodded but he's still turning his face away from mine.

I quickly ran to the door and jump down the stairs. I came in the classroom and the first thing I saw is the teacher, Mr. Burner sitting at his desk, waiting for me impatiently.

" What took you soo long? "

I walked to Mr. Burner and whispered in his ear.

" Girl's issue. Emergency."

It took him awhile to figure out what I meant. He sighed.

"Very well, please go back to your seat."

I gave Mr. Burner the permission card and went to my seat. Suddenly, somebody tapped my chair and I turned back carefully not to let the teacher spot me which is very hard. I gave the girl a what-do-you-want look. That girl is Hillary.

" went searching for Shawn right?"

"How'd you know that?"

"Just guessing. I mean, you went out for a long time and I thought you had your 'thing' last week. I thought I saw you listening to the guys who said Shawn often hangs out alone at the school's rooftop. So, it makes sense."

"Oh..I see"

"Hey, talk to you more later after school, it's quite dangerous talking now."

Did she just realize that?

The school bell rang. The boring mode in class suddenly brighten up. School's done for today. I stood up and pack my pencil case and books in my bag. Hillary came to my seat.

"Hey, Lucia. Are you going to Tennis practice?"

"Yeah. You?"


"Date with Ken again?" I smiled wryly.

"Oh hey, don't' give me that look. I'll just call off the date! you know I'm not the type to skip sports! especially Tennis!"

" Yeah. I know."

We changed to our school's P.E uniform and walked to the Tennis court.

"Oh my god! That's him! He's soo cute!! He scored a three point shoot!"

I heard some screaming voices in front of the basketball's court entry. I looked at the entry and saw a lot of girls gathering. Some girls are jumping up and down. Some even took photos with their cell phones.

I got curious and walked to the entry, Hillary followed me at my back. I thought maybe a celebrity was coming to school. But at the Basketball court? Not a place to show up for a celebrity.

I pushed myself to the very front. I tried to look for what the girls were looking and finally, my eyes caught glimpse of a guy. His hair was short, black colored. He wore red and black basketball jerseys. I think I saw him before. Wait...I know that guy! That's...that's Shawn!

"Wow, I don't know he's in the basketball club! I don't even know he plays basketball!!"

I almost had a heart attack. Hillary was standing beside me, trying to hold herself from being pushed by the girls. I swear I saw Hillary at the very back just a second ago. She's just suddenly here!

"Hillary! Don't scare me like that!"

"Scare you? What do you mean?"

"Nothing, forget about it."

"Lucia look!" Hillary pointed at Shawn, who was about to shoot the ball he's holding.


Girls were screaming soo loud that I think my ears can fall off.

A girl pushed me soo hard that I accidentally trip myself. Suddenly, all the girls went quite and starting to look at each other with the you-did-that face. The mode suddenly goes very...uncomfortable. I bet after awhile they're going to start arguing.

"You okay?"

I heard a familiar guy's voice. He lend me his hand and pulled me up. I looked up and saw...Shawn.

"Oh, It's you!" Shawn gave me a smile. looks soo charming somehow. I can't help but blushed a bit.

I looked at the girls and saw everyone looking at me, with angry and jealous expression.



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