Love at first sight

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Love at first sight, Chapter 1



"Hey..Lucia? Do you believe in love at first sight?" questioned Hillary, My best friend. "No, Hillary, I don't." obviously, who will ever believe in love at first sight? Well, I don't. That's just ridiculous. "Hmm....that's weird of you to say that! Since you're an expert in love stuffs! You've even help me scored a boyfriend!" Oh? I'm not expert in those stuffs at all. Being a "love expert" is just not what I am. I just did what books told me to do. And now, you guys keep talking on and on about how expert I am in love stuffs and craps.

"Lucia!! can you t-teach me how to get a boyfriend?" one of my classmates asked me. Again? Ugh. Fine... "Okay. Come here, I'll tell you." She came to my seat,took a chair and sit beside me. "If you want to score a boyfriend, you must get to know him better first. Start by talking to him. Relax, don't show him how desperate you want to be with him." "Really? Will that work Lucia?" "Relax. I'm sure it will." "Okay! Thanks Lucia! Oh the way, why don't you go get a boyfriend Lucia? You're soo pretty and nice and you're a love expert! I'm sure you'll get one ASAP!" what? get a boyfriend? why should I? Is love that important in a high school life? I rather read books than "scoring" a boyfriend. "No....I don't want a boyfriend now." I gave the girl a fake smile. She said thanks to me and ran off. I guess she's on her way to talk to her going-to-be boyfriend.

I really hate being a "love expert" but..there's one thing that was good about it.I can see the results I made. The happy faces they made when the succeeded, It makes me feel that I made their wishes came true. The's great. But, the ones that failed. They also made me proud. It took a lot of courage to confess doesn't it? They faced themselves. They worked hard. Even though they failed, They still felt happy that they can finally faced it.

School ended, I was on my way to the new stationery shop I heard from one of my classmates. "Lucia!! wait up!!" I turned to my back and saw Hillary running towards me. "Yes Hillary? What's the matter?" "Lucia...umm...can you..change duty shift with me just for today? Me and Ken are going on a date" "Alright. I don't mind. Go on. Your prince awaits you!" Hillary giggled a little and ran off. "Thanks Lucia!!!!!!" screamed Hillary from a few meters away.

 I went back to my classroom. I opened the door and surprisingly, A guy was there. Arranging books in the class's shelf. I went near the guy and tapped his shoulder. He turned around and I don't know why, at that heart skipped a beat."Yes? What do you want? Don't bother me." how rude! "Hey!!!how could you said that?" I yelled. He looked at me with a weird expression. "W-what? Don't look at me like that! A-anyways! Why are you here?" he laughed a bit and put the book he was holding into the shelf. "I'm on duty. Why else should I be here?" Oh...that's right..I was speechless. I probably looked dumb now. "Done! Well...bye! "love expert"!" he said to me. Huh? How does he know that? I mean....only girls knew that I was the "legendary secretive love expert" and...he's a

I need to know how the guy knew my "secret identity" so I chased after him. I saw him in front of the school's gate, just beside the tree, the blossom tree. He's about to ride his bicycle. I tried my best to catch up with him. I run as fast as I could. He didn't notice me at all. So, I continued to chase him. It's a good thing I'm good at running .

He stopped cycling and park his bicycle at the centre of the bridge. "Hey!!!you!! stop!!" I yelled to him. He stopped walking. YES! He heard me! I ran as quick as I can towards him. AH!!! "BUMMMPP!!!" I fell down. OUCH! That hurts.... stupid rock!pebble!whatever you are! "hey, you okay?" he lend me his hand and I got up. " I-I'm alright..." "You....what are you doing,chasing after me?" "I was going to ask you....hey, how did you know I was chasing you?!" "Oh, I felt someone was chasing me so I turned back for a second and saw you. "AND YOU DIDN'T STOP NOR WAIT FOR ME DID YOU?" "well, no. but look at the bright sight!! you can burn lots of your fats when you run!" I felt like I want to explode! How could he say that?! besides, I'm not fat! I threw my bag(that was with me the whole time) to him. "Hey! why'd u did that for?" "MEANIE!!! Do you know how tired I am chasing after you?! You've even rode a bike, damn it!" I ran as far as I could from him with tears all over my face. What's this...weird my chest? hurts....I fell down on my knees and started crying....why am I crying? Why am I crying for that jerk?......


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Special thanks to Aly and Kim. :) you guys are the best <3

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