Chapter 2

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As we headed to the bonfire, Eli and I stayed silent.
Our ears could pick up on the music, talking, laughter and crackling of the flames of the bonfire.
We followed the path to the bonfire, little fireflies dancing beside us like small fairies.

As we got closer, I felt something inside me that I've never felt. Like an urge to find someone and have sex.
It came out of nowhere and nearly removed me of my breath.
"You okay?" Eli asked, his eyes pouring worry as he saw me panting like I'd just gone on a two day run without water.

"Yeah. I just need a drink is all." I reply, sounding like a smoker.

As we reached the bonfire, that is in the same part of the forest as it is every year, I tell Eli to find us a good place to sit by the fire.
Grabbing us both drinks, I reach for one of the plastic cups as I feel a hand on my shoulder.

My nose instantly picked up on the scent. Dad. But... someone new with him.
The smell of rain and oak filled every inch of my lungs as I slowly inhaled.
Turning on my heel, I greet my dad with a side hug before he steps back with a smile. "Rosette, I'd like to introduce you to Alpha Knox. The Alpha to The Blood Moon Pack."

My eyes meet with the face of someone quite familiar. I was right. He was the man in blue.

His gaze trailed up my body very slowly. His cold eyes lingered a bit before meeting with mine. His eyes.. I've never seen eyes so black before... but the gold specks are beautiful.
And like that, the gold specks we're gone.

"Alpha Lenson, May I have a moment with Rosette for a second. I have a question for her." He said in a very low, but calm voice as my name rolled off his tongue.

My dad nodded before greeting other pack members, diving into new conversation.

I look back at Alpha Knox who was now in front of me, towering over me as if I was a brand new pup.
"I gave an order not to wear those." He said through his clenched jaw.

Knowing right away he was talking about my shorts I pull them up and place one of my hands on the right side of my exposed ass. "I don't think you're in charge of me Alpha Knox. And I quite like the way the breeze feels against my skin."

His eyes darken as his body tenses, "I have no problem ripping those off and bending you over my fucking knee, as your mate, you respect me. As the alpha, you follow my orders."

Did he... did he just say what I think he said?

I could hear girls in the background speaking of Alpha Knox and his fit body, but I was focused on something much more important than some school girl talk.

"And who is your mate?" I asked, with sarcasm leaking through the seams. The heat between my legs growing intensely as my wolf pants with excitement, spinning in circles as her tail wagged like crazy.

His hand grabbed firmly onto my ass, his nose connecting with my sweet spot that one day will be marked by my mate, his hot breath sending shivers throughout my entire body. "I think you know."
With that, he walked away.

What the hell just happened...
I... that was way to fast to process.
I'm too young for a mate. Well... kinda. My birthday is here in three days. Soon... really soon. But Alpha Knox needs to learn how to stay in his own space. Mate or not.

"Omg, he totally just grabbed your ass girl." Eli said with a beaming smile.

"You saw that?" I asked, my face reddening like a cherry.

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