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Cecilia P.O.V.

Five Months Earlier

I checked my hair in my small compact mirror after applying a fresh coat of lip-gloss.

I placed my compact back in my bag then flattened out my short skirt as I knocked on the door.

"Come in!" he called out.

I slowly opened his office door.

Today was the only day of the week Professor Brooks had extended office hours.

As I walked into his small office I saw the small couch, his desk, bookshelf and window.

The place was tiny if you ask me.

Almost like a forgotten storage closet they put a window in and called it an office to give him as a last thought.

"I gotta go but I will pick them up tomorrow morning so please have them ready. Don't play games with me," Professor Brooks said sternly and slightly frustrated into his cell phone.

I gave him a small wave as I closed the door behind me.

He gave me a half smile as I took a seat on the couch, sitting my bag down on the floor beside me.

"Fine! Bye!" he said tensely as he hung up his phone.

Professor Brooks put his cell phone down on his desk and seemed tense.

"Everything ok?" I asked.

"Sure... just never get married and have kids," he said bitterly.

"Huh?" I questioned confused.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean that. I'm just going through a hard time with my soon to be ex-wife is all," he said.

I knew Professor Brooks was married because on my first day in his class I noticed his wedding ring. But briefly looking at his hand tonight I see his ring is no longer on his finger.

I didn't know he was having marital issues but then again why would I?

I'm just his student. Although I can't lie since the first day I stepped foot into his classroom I did admire his good looks.

He's handsome to say the least. He's a tall, white man, with dark brown hair, and blue eyes.

He had some facial hair but it's very subtle.

"I'm sorry to hear that... do you want to talk about it?" I asked.

"How much time you got?" he chuckled with a warm smile.

"Well an hour according to my appointment," I smiled.

"That's right...I have to say I was surprise to see you made an appointment to see me. You're doing well in my class and are a top student. What's going on?" he asked.

I was nervous.

He was right I didn't need this appointment. I'm doing great in his class.... Well all of my classes actually.

It's still only the first month of school but I find myself to be adjusting to college life quite well.

Even though I'm in a state away from everything I've ever known. I have been adjusting to living on my own.

"Nothing. I just wanted to pick your brain I guess. See if there was any extra credit I could get a jump-start on. Any books you recommend. English has always been my favorite subject. I love to read," I rambled.

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