Prom [America, Poland, Russia x Germany]

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Requested by the lovely . Seriously, bless you. (Sorry that it took so long!! I hope it is worth the wait..! >-<)


Germany is a patient country, she really is. However, even Germany will lose her damn patience if this keeps on repeating every. single. day.

You see, Germany has many friends. Okay, that may be WAY underrated. She is friends with the entire world, except Cuba maybe. But sometimes, only sometimes she regrets being friendly with literally everyone. Like when Greece asks her for money again, or when America tries to talk her into cooperating less good with China and Russia. Those are the moments where she feels like she should have listened to her father in some cases.

She just hoped this time it would start after she finished her homework.

Yes, Germany is going to school. Don't ask her why, she doesn't know, really. She was only told she is supposed to go to this special country school, so she did. She considered it useless for her if she was honest. If she wanted or needed to learn about something, she could do it herself, thank you very much. On the other hand, America for example REALLY needed this school thing. He only had stupid shit in his head nowadays.

"Hey Germs!"

Speak of the devil.

"Hallo Amerika (Hello America). Haven't I told you to stop calling me that? It makes me feel like bacteria..."

"Oh, don't worry, beautiful. You could never be bacteria. By the way, did you fall from heaven?"

There it was again. Every day when she sat in the library, America would come to her and throw pick-up lines all around himself, trying to make her blush. It never worked so what at the beginning was only a challenge from Japan, turned into a personal conquest for the American. He would spend the rest of the day around her, voicing every new pick-up line he could think of or that he found online. This turned into a first weekly, then daily ritual and by now, it was normal for Germany to have some noisy company while she studied.

"No, I crawled out of hell. Will you sit down now?"

Deflating from his first so confident stance, the older country let himself fall onto one of the chairs next to the younger. He stared over to her and then leaned closer to see what she was studying this time.

"Okay what the fuck is this border gore?!", he exclaimed after letting his eyes roam over the map in her book.

"Holy Roman Empire. It was a huge confusing mess. You may be smart, but you wouldn't understand it unless you spend centuries looking at it daily."

America sighed. This would be boring. Germany would be all concentrated on this damn map and wouldn't even notice him speaking up. He knew. It happened sometimes. Well, at least he would get to see her cute face when she is lost in her own world of studying and working.


"Cześć, Niemcy! (Hi Germany!)"

"Hallo Polen (Hello Poland). What exactly do you need help with this time?"

Poland was one of the countries that got tutored by Germany. At the beginning of their sessions, Poland had absolutely hated her because of who her father was. They would keep on ignoring her when she tried to help them, wouldn't tell her what they needed help with in the first place and when she actively tried to make them answer, they would scream at her and accuse her of having the same intentions as her father. It had kept on happening just like that until Germany didn't show up one time. Poland had been worried deep on the inside but had convinced themselves they weren't.

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