Wedding Dress [America x Germany]

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America really didn't know how he ended up like this.

Oh no, wait.

He did.

It had started out with their father and mother telling them they would renew their marriage. He was happy, he really was. Lately he had had the feeling that the spark between them went out more and more. Probably the fault of the Brexit, if he was honest. Nada and Zea had been quite scared they would divorce.

When they had been sat down in their living room, they expected the worst. He expected his parents to tell them about their divorce and: "Now you have to choose who you want as your legal guardian.", because apparently, even as legal, independent countries they couldn't be trusted. Man, he had even expected them to announce the third world war!

You won't imagine the relief he felt when they told them they would have a second marriage. They even learned about Canada's engagement to Ukraine that same day! The family had spent the rest of the weekend together, just being happy.

It was all fun and games until his mother decided that he HAD to come with her to look for a wedding dress.

Okay, it was not like he had a problem with that. His mother was a beautiful woman, and America always jumped at the opportunity to compliment pretty ladies. And hey, Zea, Ukraine and Canada would come too.

Ukraine wanted to look for a wedding dress as well. She told them she and Canada went to a bunch of shops already, but she never found the dress she felt like saying yes to and going to marry his brother in.

Canada, just like him, jumped when he could compliment some of his friends and family. Besides, he wanted to be with his fiancee when she picked her dress.

New Zealand just wanted to look at the pretty dresses and accessories. Wanted to feel like a princess sitting in that shop, even when she didn't put on any dresses. France had wanted her to come as well. She was the only female besides their mother in the family after all.

It was all fun and games until France informed them about Germany coming too.

It was not like America had a problem with Germany. It was the opposite, really. They had strong ties and their countries worked good together. She was one of his closest allies. For her he even was her closest ally outside of Europe.

It would have been a fun bonding experience if there wasn't this crush the American was trying to shake off.

Why DID Germany even have to join them?

When he asked that he had received a light slap from his mother, followed by: "Because I want her to! She is my best friend and I value her opinion on my wedding dress. I want her to come, even if she is not family. En plus, elle est ma demoiselle d'honneur. (Besides, she is my bridesmaid.)"

America knew that she wanted to hang on that damn 'yet' and he never regretted telling his family about something so much like how he regretted confessing his crush on Germany in front of them. He also knew France did it not only for herself but also because she wanted to tease him.

But still, even when he knew how he got himself into this situation he still wanted to know how he deserved it in the first place.

Was ist the slavery and heavy racism back then?

Was it his late joining in both wars, letting his friends and family suffer so much before finally helping them?

Was it all the pranks he played on them and how he didn't take his work seriously 80% of the time?

America really must have done something horrible to deserve this.

"What do you think Ame?"


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