A first meeting [Third Reich & Fascist Italy]

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- Francesco - Fascist Italy
- Jean - France
- Nicholas - USSR
- Chester - USA
- William - UK


Francesco prided himself on being a charmer, a smooth talker. Most of his problems, he could solve with a cocky smile and the snap of his fingers.

Whether that was part of the reason for his increasing God complex or not, he was not sure. But god, if there was something the Italian was sure of, it was that he was damn good at interacting and charming his way through crowds.

He had already danced with what he would guess to be at least 80% of female living beings in this ballroom, and even though his feet ached from said dancing, his mission still remained the same.

Dance with every female in the room, and hey if he managed to take one home for the night after it was deemed acceptable to leave the event, that was great too.

Currently, the South-European was searching for his next "victim", quietly contemplating whether he would be successful with asking Jean for a dance next, having kept away most of the night due to all the other men and her leader occupying her attention constantly.

It was when he looked around the hall after he decided not to ask Jean after all, that he spotted the lady at the back of the ballroom.

She stood leaned against the wall, a flute of (what he in his knowledgeable opinion would guess to be) champagne in one of her dainty hands and a bored expression on her face. She wore a pretty simple sleeveless black dress that went down to just above her knees, one that didn't show much cleavage but was still tight to her skin and didn't hide the curves she did have. And from across the room, he could already see her second arm raised over her chest as if to hide the fact that she had female assets there.

He didn't quite understand why though. The women he knew liked to flaunt their femininity around on balls like this and clearly, this one was incredibly well shaped, if he had to say so himself.

It was in that moment that he had chosen who he was going to be hellbent on taking home tonight. Perhaps he could show her just how nice her body looked if she wasn't going to do so herself.

Francesco crossed the room, eyes never really leaving her and instead going to take in the rest of her looks. He liked them quite a lot, wild fiery red hair that reached her shoulders that he was pretty sure was a mess in mornings if how tousled the locks already were were anything to go by, sharp eyes, and a small nose. She was small too, much smaller than him and it was then that he had to stop himself from imagining her standing next to the giant of a man that was Nicholas.

"Well, ciao bella.~ (Hello Beautiful)" were the words he ended up purring when he reached her, leaning on one of his arms to the wall next to her. He had to admit he could have chosen a different approach. However, he was quite stumped on what to say.

"I am a minor, bugger off." was what he got in return.

Now, he hadn't expected a lady to speak to him in such a manner. Especially because he was a country, as shown by the armband around his left biceps. Usually, human women swooned over the chance to bed a country or even just get the chance to talk to one.

Only afterwards he noted that her voice sounded quite gravely. Raw and coarse as if she barely even used it. He wondered whether there could be a smoothness to it too. If the voice could be soothing and calming in the right circumstances.

"A minor with a flute of champagne?" Francesco laughed aloud, choosing not to comment that many would not care for her age, corrupted as a human's mind could be.

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