Murder Mystery [Poland x Germany]

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The following Oneshot contains:

- Blood

- Graphic descriptions of murder

- Brutal torture/murder methods

- Flaying

- Axe murder

- Hanging, drawing and quartering

[PLEASE proceed with caution!! A few of the scenes describe murder, one mentioning the removal of intestines and hacking the body into several parts.]


I do not mean to offend anyone by portraying Poland this way. I just started writing and went with the flow. If you dislike the way I wrote his character just know that I do not mean to offend. Thank you.


"I am home!"

"Welcome home, meine Liebe (my love)! How was your day at work?"

"Same as always, love. By the way, in my break I thought about your question again. You can kill someone with a spoon. It would have to be sharpened with something first though."

"Oh! Thank you. I will use it in my novel then!"


Poland has always been a peaceful country. At least in the sense that he never attacked his neighbours, instead he was always crushed by them.

Early on in his life, when the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth fell in 1795, he had thought that he would live peacefully in this new era of his existence. Now with his own country to rule and manage Poland had never felt so satisfied.

Then, the German Empire happened. World War One happened. He was split between him and two? three? other countries as well but he couldn't remember them as clearly as him.

He really didn't want to think much about it. He was only a child, a new independent country that never had anything to do with any wars. Sure, his father had told him and Lithuania, his half-brother, about the wars he fought in, but the small Slav had never been in one himself.

When the German Empire marched into his land and took it, tortured him, he had been only a boy, not in the least prepared for any of this.

He survived that time, however. He survived and was saved by the Allies, free to live and rule for himself again. In his time with the German Empire he had learned. Not how to fight, but rather to watch out for threats.

As a child, he had never thought anyone would want to hurt him unless he did something first. Now he knew, anyone could hurt him anytime.

When he learned of the Third Reich occupying Czechoslovakia and "Anschlussing" Austria, he had been on his guard. Had placed soldiers on his border to the German.

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