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"Oh come on Andrew! Just a few more minutes!"

"That you've already had Perci. We need to get to Olympus, remember?"

"Do we have to?" Andrew's stormy glare was all that took to get Perci out of her blissful bed.

Ten minutes later, the group of demigods, Jasmine, Piper, Harry and Frankie were in the strawberry van, ready to arrive at the Empire State Building in any moment, and get to the six hundredth floor. 

"Access to floor six hundred please."

"There is no such floor miss." The man said with a tired yawn, clearly back from a late night's shift.

"Well you better give me that key while I'm still saying please." Perci said, smiling tightly.

"Fantasy is fantasy miss. Fact can't be changed."

"Well maybe it can." Perci said, lifting the man off the ground by his collar, as if ninety kilos was the weight of a few grapes.

"Oh my gods! You're-"

"I know. Now give me the key. Please."

He fumbled them out and Andrew sighed, Harry stared at the guy worriedly, but Frankie encouraged him to get on the lift with them, and Harry left him alone, a few drachmas popping up on the ground to at least pay for the damage. 

After the six minute repeat of 'I will always love you', Perci kicked the elevator door open the moment it dinged. 

The prophesied heroes, minus Lea, walked into the main temple of Olympus, the throne room where the Gods looked down on them, both literally and metaphorically.

"Heya uncle! dad! aunties! cousins! How've you been doing!"

"One day. I will smite you. I will burn you down with what you retrieved seven years ago..." Zeus mumbled, not caring when Poseidon sent him a look of warning.

"Lord Zeus. Why have you summoned us here today?"

"Aren't you smart for a son of Athena." Zeus snarked, his mood blemished by his niece.

"Hey, don't speak to him like that!"

"I speak to him however I want to girl! I am ZEUS! YOUR KING!"

"And I am Perci! Your niece! So wake up uncle! This is just a massively dysfunctional family!"

"You dare speak up!!" Zeus stood up, towering over her, but Perci didn't back down. She suffered many of the consequences the gods brought on themselves, and her life was what had paid. Not just hers. Andrew's. Piper's Jasmine's Frankie's, Harry's and Luka's!  

What cost the most was Lea's life. She had to give it up, when she swore to save her love, Calypso. 

"I DARE TO!" Perci yelled back. 

The ground began to tremble, and the atmosphere vibrated as the water in the air reflected her seething anger.

Zeus took his master bolt, and shot. 

The air sizzled from the electricity, sparks flying, and a second later, Perci was hit. 

"NO!" They all yelled. Poseidon, Hestia, Artemis, Hera, Apollo, Aphrodite. The heroes, everyone. 

Perci lifted her head up, coughed up some blood, and clenched her hand hard, her gaze steeling.

"You'd think a millennia of living has taught you how to kill." She took the cap off Riptide, and threw it at the mighty King of Gods.

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