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A fear of thunder (Thor x reader) by caughtbyfantasy
A fear of thunder (Thor x reader)by caughtbyfantasy
"There's nothing in the universe that scares me more than thunder and you remind me of thunder, therefore I fear you too. I have no influence on this, I'm sorry&quo...
Thor X Reader (My Lady) by Fanixxxx
Thor X Reader (My Lady)by FANIX
After Ragnarok destroyed Asgard, Thor decides to evacuate his people to Earth. It had been a while since he had visited the planet, and he didn't know a lot of people...
Highschool DxD: King of the Storm by FR0STY_PH3N13X
Highschool DxD: King of the Stormby FR0STY_PH3N13X
10 years ago, there was a family one of the Strongest Families in the Underworld Equal to The Gremory, Phenex, Sitri clans, The Leader of house Lothric, Vergil was a pow...
Love and War by katiesimaginelife
Love and Warby katiesimaginelife
Watch Freyja, the Goddess of Love and Thor, The God of Thunder and their amazing adventures together. They go through ups and down but will their relationship survive wi...
Thunder (Derek Hale/ Teen wolf) by rainbowzx
Thunder (Derek Hale/ Teen wolf)by K
Melody Lockheart is a normal American teenager who lives with her mother and steph-father and 7 brothers and sisters in Beacon Hills. her easy and quiet life changes aro...
School For Abilities [Recreation] (Girl X Girl (Lesbian Stories))COMPLETED!! by ZTRider
School For Abilities [Recreation] Xavier
(I DO NOT OWN THE IMAGES) (NOT PROOFREAD YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) Emma had woken up from 9 years of her coma. The doctors said it was a miracle, but ever since she woke up...
Thunder by kyleemuy
Kyleigh Everson's life is changed completely when she wakes up in the hospital and discovers that she was struck by lightning and her only scar is an unusual white strea...
Light Academy by Chelsy_023
Light Academyby CHELSYDREW
This story is just a short one I don't want to I made this story This is just about their life.....yeah >>>>>>>>><<<<...
The Long Lost Legendary Elemental Princess by UnlovingYou25372
The Long Lost Legendary Galaxy
Siya si Destiny Crystal namuhay siya kasama ang ama amahan niya ng payapa ngunit ang payapa nilang pamumuhay ay nagulo dahil sa pagsugod ng mga kalaban ng naghatid sa ka...
prince of Rajasthan (Desert) by mahazareen
prince of Rajasthan (Desert)by mahazareen
Imaginary story on desert... The kingdom of desert present the wonderful history of love story of their desert king and queen... How the desert prince find out her princ...
another valkyrie | lokixreader | ✔️ by freyastoriess
another valkyrie | lokixreader | ✔️by fan fictions
While searching the outer planets scrapper 128; a former Valkyrie, finds a long haired man who calls himself Loki, prince of Asgard and the god of mischief, she brings h...
Loving White (PR Dino Thunder)(Trent) by cuddles2405
Loving White (PR Dino Thunder)( Crystal Do
Aria Bradley is forced to live with her aunt and uncle in Reefside. There, she finds a dino gem along with some new friends. And a lover. Crappy summary, I'm sorry, that...
Thunder and Lightning.                                      e.cullen & t.odinson by Hale0003
Thunder and Hale0003
"I am Thor, son of Odin ruler of Asgard, this child is under my protection. If you harm her you shall feel the wrath of the God of Thunder." Started:24/07/18 ...
Will you be my...(Completed) by Confiantexetxbelle
Will you be my...(Completed)by Confiantexetxbelle
Trisha Smith is an ordinary 16-year-old girl who attends in Winford Elite High School. Almost all of the students there are filthy rich and one of them is her best frien...
Undercover Badge. by Black_Wings
Undercover Black_Wings
My first story. Quality questionable, Read at your own risk: Seventeen year old Kat hates moving, but the small town of Silver Valley isn't all that bad. Trying to esca...
Love Strikes In The Air (Male Reader x Nejire Hado) by Andyl90
Love Strikes In The Air (Male Andyl90
Y/N L/N, The youngest pro hero at the age of 19. He's chasing down his family of villains. His mother with a quirk to control and use smoke and his father with a quirk t...
New Year's Eve Baby #Sequel To Bodyguard #Wattys2017 by bloodbath008
New Year's Eve Baby #Sequel To Anna Kendra
When Elaina Thunder finds the most perfect man to kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve, she thinks its fate. But little does she know that Knight Blaze Tyson isn't as simp...
𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐟𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐓𝐡𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫 by seasaltstrawberry
𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐟𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐓𝐡𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫by ⇢小雪!ˊˎ-
"Don't you get it Cal? You're the descendant of the man of thunder, you're the fabled boy who's said to take down the ancient beasts in disguise! Should I be more s...
Thunderstorms - Pudd slash (mcfly/mcbusted) by mcflyingthroughthis
Thunderstorms - Pudd slash ( mcflyingthroughlife
Mcfly are away recording and producing their album. They're busy enough right? Meanwhile thunderstorms, confessions and gay love takes place away from the media's eye. W...
Marvel/Celebs-age regression-oneshots by urm377
Marvel/Celebs-age Hollisgirl07
T i t l e Not sexual cause it's scary