Garsh mah toe hurts!

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Aloha!!!!!! I'm finally on me mum's computer! And i was going to write a story. Probably just a short story though. Yeah just a short one. Today has been a looooong day!!! I broke my toe yesterday at my friend's house, and today I slipped on some ice and bruised my knee and mah hip. My dad is on his cellular device! He's explaining how to fix a car to my sister in law Missy, she's awesome.

Oh! I have another thing to upload, it's another one of these *gestures to story group* It's not as long as the rest but I was super busy yesterday.....Busy having fun. i788888mkowefgvacafuhasd <--- That was my cat, she decided she needed to walk across my keyboard. :P Argh!!! My toe!!! Pineapple. I'm not exactly in a funny mood today, so none of this is funny, or interesting, or well anything except boring, useless, and annoying. So....I'm gonna go write my short story now. :D Read it?!?!?! I'll love you forever!! <3

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