I'm BaAaAaAak!!

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Once upon a time. Long long ago, in a land far far away. There was a girl, that totally forgot about her diary. And that girl was me. (: Heheheeh....he  

Anyways I'm baaaaack! :D Hi my lovelies! Mommie's missed you. 

I really really missed you all so very much. I'm back now though so all is well in the universe of Jess. I can't write much right now cause I haffta go to bed. I'm not tired, but I guess there's this new thing called "sleep"...I always thought it was something made up by the government...Aparently it's real... Anyways nothing exciting's really been going on. Just highschool, getting grounded(Started a story about it), wrote some more poetry, dumped my boyfriend and got back together with him, and got a haircut. 

My hair is super short. I hate it. I really want my long hair back! I'm dyeing it purple soon. I can't wait!! Anyways, buh byes! 

Love you all! 


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