Totally pointless.... :) Read anyways?

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vjcfdnxxjfdxncj that's how my brain feels today. Fried. Not because I've done too much work, or because I haven't slept. Its cause I think too much. Well today at least. I can't stop thinking. Usually I can totally zone out, but today I can't. My stupid brain won't let me. It keeps thinking about totally pointless things. And asking questions that I have to answer. I always have to answer questions, that's just the way my brain works. And let me tell you, it isn’t fun. Over thinking all the time, and yes I do realize that that statement sounds contradictory to what I stated earlier but its true. I zone out, and I over think. Stupid brain. Sometimes people think im crazy, and random. But if they were in my head (which they should be glad they aren't ) I wouldn't sound so crazy and random. Im not as smart as my family thinks I am. Just cause im getting straight A's doesn't mean much. The work is too easy. And its really really boring! Just a second ago I was thinking about how boring this is and about how much I don't care. I mean its not like anybodies going to read this anyways. Or maybe people will...HI!!! So anyways im using my dads really cool phone cause yeah I don't have a laptop. :P and now im bored cause I took a break from dads phone, and writing for like three hours. I got to see my babies, I miss those midgets so much! Yup im hungry. Like really hungry, I want some food. My big brother is a wimp. I want like something hot, and saucy, and maybe some chocolate. I wish my dad would let me keep this phone, he has a different one that works (he can call, text, ect) so he really has no use for this one. I don't see why I can't have this one. This is totally pointless, and like no ones going to read this, but that's ok I just get bored and start to write down what im thinking. Which will eventually lead to a story because ill think of something really cool and write it down then go back to it and elongate it transforming it into something amazing. But nobody will read it anyway so :P Im about to drink a glass of Pepsi...(vomits)....I just ate three pieces of chicken. That's the most amount of food I've eaten in a loooooong time. Anyways my glass of pepsi is almost gone...its so gross, now im gonna have to drink tons of coke in order to get rid of this disgusting taste in my mouth. I think ill go take a bunch of pictures later. But not now cause yeah. So tomorrow I have to give this kid ben a box of brownie mix. Its for him from my mom, inside joke. :D our house is really cold. Hmmm I wonder how many pages this’ll be on the computer. Probably won't be more than a page. Oh well. And the battery is about to die so..... 

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