Chapter Eight: Are You Okay...

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*Ryker's Point Of View*

What does she think? That I wouldn't see her completely swallowing my brother's fucking face? Of course I did.

I didn't want to see another second of it, so I walked out of the casino while pulling out the pack of cigarettes from my jacket pocket.

I start smoking one even before I stop walking to stand still, just to calm down for a little bit. And I don't understand it. I don't understand why her giving Anthony affection, gets under my skin like that... but it does.

Probably because I don't like public displays of affection. Or maybe deep down, subconsciously, I feel a tad bit lonely myself. Or maybe, just fucking maybe... I am jealous that a girl like her could never like a guy like me.

I roll my eyes as I blow smoke through my nostrils into the air. I take a couple of deep breaths as I stare off at the setting sun while it starts to rest on the horizon. The streets are buzzing with conversations and moving vehicles getting from point A to point B. I take one last drag from my cigarette before throwing it on the ground and putting it out with my shoe. I then turn around and decide to head back inside, feeling a little more at ease.

My ears are engulfed by the buzzing of slot machines, the cheering of winners, and the clinking of glasses in celebration of a victory. I walk back towards the bar, to see if Summer and Anthony are still there. But they aren't to my surprise. I bite my lip as I walk around in a circle, scanning the crowd for a familiar face. Any familiar face. Then, I see her.

Her blonde hair, curled and bouncing as she moves it behind her shoulder. She's looking down at her phone, holding it up in front of her face while moving her head side to side, to which I'm assuming is her recording herself on Snapchat or something. I chuckle to myself. She's adorable. But why is she alone?

I take a few steps towards her, but then I stop myself and take a sharp deep breath. I can't just walk up to her. I can't. So I turn away and walk the opposite direction. Deciding to leave her alone. I need to.

*Summer's Point Of View*

Trying to find the perfect Snapchat filter is honestly such a hard task. I snap a selfie with a cute filter and post it to my story while I wait for Anthony in the bathroom. As I'm checking to see who's seen it I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn and find myself facing a stranger.

He's an older man, with lots of scruff on his face. His hair is sprinkled with grey and he's wearing a beat up flannel. He smiles widely, looking me up and down. I swallow and fold my lips in, confused.

"You are absolutely beautiful, darling." He grins, making his messy eyebrow wiggle.

My eyebrows scrunch together in an uncomfortable way. "Thank you." I say simply and politely, hoping that would be enough for him to be pleased and leave me alone. He sighs and then another man suddenly walks up from behind him and throws his arm around him. He has red hair and a mustache. He's wearing a polo with khakis. And black flip flops.

"Who's this beautiful lady, Travis?" He asks him. Both snickering at each other. I adjust in my stance, holding my arm, suddenly feeling extra uncomfortable.

"We should buy her a drink, Charlie." Travis says, winking at me. "Or two." Charlie chimes in. I breathe in deeply, looking around desperately for Anthony. I then spot him, talking to... a group of random people. Laughing and totally oblivious to my situation. I want to scream his name, but my feet start to walk his direction, since my voice is stuck in my throat.

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