Chapter Six: Friends

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*Summer's Point Of View*

I stare at Ryker as his glance moves along the skyline across the water. He smokes his cigarette slowly as he sighs the smoke from his nose, the air swirling it into itself.

I lick my lips while I focus on my feet floating through the water, trying to understand everything Ryker is telling me. He's opening up- and I don't take that lightly.

For whatever reason I'm here with Ryker, half drunk, as the moon hangs low in the night sky. And it's wild to think that in one of the most alive cities in the world...

It just feels like the two of us.

I quickly take the bottle from between us and let out a breath, making Ryker straighten his back and turn to look at me once again.

"As humans, we are meant to make stupid mistakes. It's how we are. And unfortunately how we'll always be." I say, using my free hand to gesture movements as I speak.

His right eyebrow shoots up as he tilts his head slightly. I look down at the bottle of rum and run my finger tip along the label that's peeling off the side of the glass. "So don't beat yourself up. With mistakes comes forgiveness. Just remember that."

I smile an awkward, half smile as I look up to his eyes. He chuckles and closes his eyes, with a smile spread across his face.

"You don't even know me, and yet you're making me feel better than..." He starts to say in a smile until he swallows hard and clears his throat. I tilt my head, waiting to hear what else he has to say. But he stays silent, and stands up from the water, smoking the rest of his cigarette before walking over to a chair and rubbing the end of his cigarette against it. I turn around and face him as his back is to me.

"Better than what?" I ask, still wanting to know what he was about to say. He sighs heavily, as his shoulders move up and down with force. He doesn't face me when he answers.

"We should both head to bed."

My eyebrows scrunch together as I become instantly confused. Why is he all the sudden closed up again? Why the sudden distance?

I stand up from the water, making Ryker look over his shoulder to see what I am doing, but turns back away from me once again, and this time he starts walking.

"Why are you leaving? Did I say something wrong?" I ask, nervously rubbing my arm as he stops in his tracks.

He stands there for a moment before facing me, his face stone cold again. "No you didn't... and that's the problem."

I take a step forward and shrug.

"Why? Why am I a problem?" I ask again, not able to filter my words before they leave my mouth, as my brain is foggy from the alcohol.

He laughs as he sighs, brushing his fingers through his hair stressfully. "Summer, you don't need me in your life." He says, as he points towards himself.

"I'm not the kind of guy that gets forgiveness. I don't deserve it. And you..." He stops mid sentence as his eyes look straight into mine.

And I can't lie, my heart starts to race.

"You're the type of girl who doesn't need a guy like me in her life." He throws his hands out as he says this, making me blink fast. Why is he acting so unapproachable?

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