Chapter Four: Saved By Him

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*Summer's Point Of View*

The club is alive, with the vibrations of the music shaking the air around me, as I dance to the beat with Angela. Both of us laughing wildly and jumping together, twirling in circles and feeling so free. The alcohol from the shot I had taken a little earlier has loosened me up, and I feel great. I never drink, but I thought, what the heck... why not? I'm in Vegas.

Ashley snakes through the crowd, holding two more shots in her hands as she ooooh's to the dance moves that Angela is doing. She hands one to Angela and I and yells, "Drink up girls! We are having fun tonight!" I hesitate for a moment, until suddenly I feel Anthony's hands slide onto my hips, and his lips caress my neck from behind. "You going to take it?" He asks, slightly kissing my neck.

I smile shyly and turn to face him. I hold the shot out in front of myself and shake my head. "Do you want it?" I ask, loudly over the music. He flashes a smile and takes the shot from my hand. He chucks his head back as the alcohol runs down his chin slightly, making him wipe his mouth with his sleeve and pull me closer to him. He goes straight to trying to kiss me, and I kiss him back, feeling myself melt into it. He takes like vodka, as his tongue pushes through my lips and tackles mine. He presses his body against mine, making me blush. I pull back and laugh in a giggle, as he brushes the hair out of my face.

"You look so good tonight baby." He says, smiling hard. I smile wide and laugh through my nose. He's kind of cute when he's drunk. Really clingy and lovey dovey, but nonetheless, cute.

"Thanks babe." I say, wiping sweat from his cheek. He pulls me close again, but this time he whispers in my ear. "I'm going to go meet Andy at the bar, he just landed and he's meeting us here. After an hour I'll come find you. Then I want you all to myself in our room tonight." And before I can even respond he kisses my lips and jets to the bar. I awkwardly move my hair behind my ear and look around, feeling out of place.

I suddenly feel nervous. I definitely want to spend some time with Anthony alone... but when he's drunk? I don't know. I've never really been around him alone while he's drunk, and something in my gut it telling me I just don't want to yet. Or maybe I'm wrong and it'd be amazing. I take a deep breath and break out of the crowd, and walk to the side of the club with a seating area. It's more quiet over here- which is a perfect place to gather my thoughts properly.

I sit and cross my legs, leaning my head back against the wall and closing my eyes. I scramble through my thoughts that are racing around my brain, trying to make sense of how I really feel about what Anthony whispered to me.

"I want you all to myself in our room tonight."

His words ring in my ear like a gong, disrupting my breathing patterns and making me feel light headed. I look over to the bar and see Anthony reunite with Andy, both taking a shot together, making me breathe in quickly. A sharp pain arises in my chest, making me cough. I shake my head to clear my thoughts and I look back to the bar to see...

Ryker, staring at me. He has a drink in his hand, as he slowly takes a sip, looking into my eyes from across the club. I feel my forehead scrunch together, not being able to keep a straight face. Why is he staring at me?

All of the sudden Angela and Ashley fly in front of my vision and pull me to my feet, both intoxicated and pushy to get me to dance again. I try to refuse, but they won't let me. I reluctantly agree to dance, as they drag me back to the dance floor. I look back over my shoulder to catch one last glimpse of Ryker before I join the crowd- but he's gone.

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