Chapter Seven: New Rules

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*Summer's Point Of View*

Waking up to the sun peaking through the curtain of the hotel room, I squint my eyes as I slowly sit up. I quickly grab my head with my hands and wince at the pain.

Great... is this what a hangover feels like?

I squint and look around the room, trying to have my mind focus in on what's around me. I see my shoes and clothes thrown into a pile, my purse toppled over next to that, and my room key card on the end of my bed. I slowly look down at myself and realize...

I am naked...

"What the f-" I holler as I pull my sheet over my chest. "Why... why am I naked?!" I whisper to myself loudly. I then wince again at the overbearing headache that's beginning to be more prominent with each passing minute.

Okay... naked... I am naked. Is anyone here with me? Oh god, did Anthony and I-

No... that's not possible. I would remember if me and Anthony... did... that. Okay, just call out for him.

I take a deep breath and see a towel next to the bed on the floor. I quickly stand and throw it around my body and call out "Anthony? Are you here?"

I slowly breathe as I wait for a response but no one answers.  I hold my head and walk towards the bathroom and start the shower. I turn on the sink and cup my hands underneath the water and drink it. As the bathroom starts to steam up I look for some Advil in my bag. Finding some I take it and hop in the shower. I lean against the chilly shower wall as I let the water run over my face...

As I stand against the water's current, everything from last night flashes across my mind like a silent movie.

Ryker. Us. In the pool. Our laughter. Our secrets. Our new inside joke. The way he made me feel.

I slightly lose balance as I hear a knock at the door, making my heart jump. "Who, who is it?!" I ask, my voice sounding strained.

"It's Ashley!" She yells behind the door, muffled sounding.

"What do you want? I'm in the shower!" I holler back, as I rub my fingertips on my temples from the headache that still occupies my cranium.

"Can I come in?!" She sounds annoyed now, and I sigh and yell "Sure," to please her. She barges in and slaps the shower curtain making me sigh loudly.

"How was your night? And where's Anthony?" She asks in a hum, like she's excitedly expecting me to tell her some juicy gossip. I groan and peak my head out to look at her, as she digs in my bag for a nail file, looking back at me with a smile before sitting on the counter and starts filing her nails.

"I have no idea actually." I say, nonchalantly.

Her eyebrows raise slightly and she pauses on one of her nails, and then scoffs. "You guys didn't stay together last night? Why?"

I sigh heavily as my stomach growls. "He got way too drunk. I'm sure he's with his parents or Andy or something..." I say, questioning myself a bit as I say it. The fact is I have no idea where he is.

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