Chapter Five: Drunken Words

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*Summer's Point Of View*

We enter the elevator together, standing on opposite sides. I smile gently as he stares down at me. I reach my hand out to press the button to my floor, but he intervenes and presses a button before me. "Let's just go to my room. If that's okay." He says, rubbing the back of his neck.

I pause for a moment, thinking over his offer and wondering if it were a good idea or not. I'm so freaking curious to know who the brother of my boyfriend is and I get no ill intentions from him either. He looks me in the eyes, as his stare grows soft. He smiles a half smile that makes me slowly breathe in. I nod and agree, leaning my back against the elevator wall, as the elevator moves upwards.

Once we reach the floor the doors open, letting the lowly lit hallway illuminate the elevator. I follow him, as he walks down the hall. We soon reach the end of the hallway as he pulls out his room key and slides it into the door. I watch from behind as he does it with ease. I awkwardly rub my arm as the door opens, with him looking back towards me for just a brief moment. Like as if he were making sure I hadn't run away yet.

"This way." He says as his back is facing me, as I follow him into the room. It looks just like mine, with the feeling of yesterday's events that took place here with the rest of his family. I shiver at the thought. He turns slowly as I look around, wondering if it was a good idea for me to be here.

"Well, this is it. But you already know that, you were here earlier." He says in a laugh, shrugging his arms, as his smile glows from the moonlight, which is the only source of light in the hotel room. I can't help but laugh too. I smile widely, acknowledging that he senses the same awkwardness that I do. I nod sarcastically, making him laugh through his nose as he turns towards the kitchen.

"Would you like a water?" He asks, opening the fridge and leaning his head down to look inside. He's so tall, he has to literally bend his whole body in half to get down at eye level with the contents of the fridge. I lick my lips as my thoughts linger past the mere question I was just asked. Ryker literally looks just like Anthony, and it still hasn't settled with me. It's as if someone threw Anthony in a machine and cloned him, and out walked Ryker. Although- their mannerisms are so different.

Anthony is soft and gentle, always smiling but cautious and proper. Whereas Ryker is more...

Confidently at ease.

He is so interesting to watch. He seems to be really revealing in what he's feeling but at the same time he is very mysterious.

He has a harder exterior that seems to have been built around him... like a shield of protection. I just wonder... what he has been hiding from? Why was he so closed up? And so intriguing to me? But the one thing I was absolutely sure about was...

That Ryker is by far an extremely charming guy.

My mind snaps back into reality as my eyes look up to see Ryker looking down at me, his eyes wandering around my face as if he was very confused, yet intrigued.

How long has he been standing there?

"I'm sorry. What did you say?" I ask quickly, shaking my head as if I had to move my thoughts around to think clearly, nervously moving hair behind my ear. My eyes lock with the floor for a moment, but slowly trail up towards Ryker as he stays silent. My eyes meet his and he's still giving me that same look from before. He slowly crosses his arms and shifts in his stance. I slowly open my mouth to speak again, but I'm quickly interrupted.

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