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I was totally normal— Just your typical nineteen year old.

I just never knew a small-town girl like me would ever end up in such an unexpected situation. Two guys, three hearts, and a catastrophic mistake.

Where did I go wrong? Did I actually do anything wrong?

Why must love hurt the most? Tearing at our inner most emotions, clawing at our beating hearts just to feel, if anything, just a little bit alive. I feel...

I feel absurd- falling in love with them both wasn't what I had intended. I never knew that being in love with more than one person was even possible.

It's complicated to say the least.

I keep trying to wrap my head around the fact that maybe this was in the cards for me. Maybe this was actually supposed to happen to me. Just maybe.

Or maybe it's just how the dice were rolled and now I have to make do with the moves I have been presented.

I just can't convince myself that being in love and being okay are the same thing. It just seems so unlikely. Why did I have to fall for him?

Why didn't I think twice?


Who do I want?

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