Chapter Three: First Sign Of Lust

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*Ryker's Point Of View*

Anthony turns towards me as his girlfriend leaves the room with my mom and her friends. He lets out a sigh and the air around us feels painfully tense. My father lets out a sigh as well, making Tina roll her eyes.

"You three need to figure out whatever this is." She throws her hands out in front of herself, trying to make the point clear. I stare up at the ceiling, not wanting to deal with any of them.

"I'm fine." My father lies, as he walks towards the kitchen and grabs a beer from the refrigerator. Anthony slowly follows him, still not acknowledging me. Tina let's out a frustrating grunt and walks out of the room without another word, making me give up as well as I leave the room too. I don't have time for this shit. Luckily, as I turn to walk towards my bedroom my phone rings, and it's Murphy, my best friend.

"Sup." I say, answering it and closing the bedroom door behind me.

"Dude, I am about to board the plane. I just wanted to let you know... I'm bringing company..." He says, the worry in his voice catches me off guard. Who could he be bringing?

"Who?" I ask, no emotion to my tone of voice.

Silence lingers from his side of the line, with some shuffling and then the sound of a girl's laughter.

"Britt." He says, the word making me flinch against the phone.

My ex? Fucking hell.

"Why the fuck would you think it'd be a good idea to bring my ex-fucking-girlfriend to my family's vacation?!" I hiss. I'm pissed off. She's the one person I wasn't expecting to show up.

"She- she begged me." He says, sounding like a child who had just been caught doing something wrong. I roll my eyes and take a deep breath. I look around the room for my cigarettes, already craving another one.

"I don't care if she begged you." I argue, ripping a cigarette out of the box as I hold the phone to my ear with my shoulder.

Suddenly I hear someone clear their throat behind me, making me slowly turn to see my father. How long has he been standing there? I stare into his eyes, as he stares at me with anger. I freeze for a moment before telling Murphy I have to go, and tossing my phone onto my bed.

My father slowly walks towards me and crosses his arms. "Britt is coming?" He sounds extremely annoyed at the fact, and I can actually relate.

I roll my eyes though, and shrug. "Guess so."

"Great." He sighs, rubbing his forehead like he has a headache. "That's fucking great." I cross my arms and don't say another word. How dare he just walk in here and find something to complain to me about. Just goes to show how much he's willing to actually fix our relationship.

He notices my lack of words and rolls his eyes. "Ryker, just tell her not to come."

"They already boarded the plane. I really have no control over her. I don't fucking want her here either." I hiss, walking towards the sliding doors to the balcony. "How will we ever get past this if she's coming to crash our vacation? She's just as guilty as you." He exclaims, making me twist my body back towards him. I clench my first against my side and breath fast and heavily through my nose.

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