Chapter 2

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The Girl in The Plastic Bubble



It was about two weeks after my birthday party. I had talked with James every day after we first met and the more we talked, the more I started to question just how good things were going. I preferred to keep myself in a "plastic bubble" to prevent anything bad from happening to me. I was worried about a lot of things in life. Some were less impractical than others but I still liked to exercise prudence. I was a naturally cautious person so I was hesitant to believe that he was as perfect as he was appearing.

He proved me right to be wary of things too good to be true.

He asked me on a date within the first week we began talking and I didn't think that was anything to raise my eyebrows at. Truth be told, I wanted him to ask me out. The date went great. He was extremely chivalrous and kind the entire time we were out but it was after the date that things went south.

He dropped me off at home and we shared a kiss on the doorstep of my house in the romantic comedy movie kind of way. I was walking up the stairs to my room with the goofiest smile on my face as I replayed the night I'd spent with him over and over in my head. Just as I got changed into my sweats to watch movies for the rest of the night, my phone rang and I saw that it was James who was calling me.

My heart began to beat rapidly as excitement overtook me.

With the biggest grin on my lips, I answered the phone. I didn't say anything because the sound of a girl giggling from the other end of the call caught my attention. My eyebrows furrowed as I listened in on the call with confusion.

James's voice came ringing in my ears paired alongside more giggling. The sound of a feminine moan made my stomach turn. I heard the girl call out James's name before his voice came back on the phone. I felt the sudden urge to be physically sick. I hung up before I heard anything more.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to discover what was happening. James was spending the rest of his evening with another girl. The same guy that just moments ago kissed me as if I was the only girl in the world was now making another girl giggle and moan his name. We weren't an official couple but the fact that he was stringing me and this other girl along left a foul taste in my mouth.

I wasted no time in deleting all of the messages we had sent to each other over the course of just two short weeks and removed his phone number from my contact list. I wanted nothing to do with him. I didn't want to be involved with a guy who had a girl on each one of his arms.

We didn't talk long and even still, I felt myself waning whenever I was with him. It was immature, I admit, but that's what I get for allowing myself to entertain little boys who thought it was okay to use girls.

I sighed deeply as I laid back on my head contemplating how I managed to get myself into this situation. As I thought more and more about the actions that led up to this moment, I found myself thinking about an idea that was no stranger to me.

Signing up for a dating app was something I'd pondered about for months now. I'd never been old enough to sign up before though. That was my excuse for not taking a risk for that, or anything really.

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