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 ⋆。‧˚ʚ 𝓉ℯℯ𝓃𝒶𝑔ℯ 𝒹𝒾𝒶𝓇𝓎 ɞ˚‧。⋆.  ˙ . ꒷ 🍰 . 𖦹˙- by Amelie138437
⋆。‧˚ʚ 𝓉ℯℯ𝓃𝒶𝑔ℯ 𝒹𝒾𝒶𝓇𝓎 ɞ˚‧。 ⋆˚࿔ 𝒞ℋℰℛ𝐼 𝜗𝜚˚⋆
﹒ ◠ 𝓓𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐞𝐭 𝓓𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐲 ⊹ ﹒ Like any other drastic changing teenage life which involves of course an older guy with a large age gap. ˖🫐⋆࿐໋. "i came...
Professor Castro 18+ by troublewithbliss
Professor Castro 18+by Bliss
Alora Emersyn, 19 year old girl in a new college. She's a party girl, who loves to cause trouble anywhere she stands. She is constantly considered fierce, bold, & maybe...
Explosive (A Flash Fanfic)  by Theflash2467
Explosive (A Flash Fanfic) by Theflash2467
Raelynn White's new metahuman powers exploded, resulting in the death of 15 kids one week after the particle accelerator explosion. She was sentenced to life in Iron He...
Fake Tan - hs  *ON HOLD* by harrysghosts7
Fake Tan - hs *ON HOLD*by harrysghosts7
Isla is 16 and lives a slow, steady and uneventful life - for a teenager that is. Occasional parties and flirty boys but no clue as to where she's headed; she's still 'h...
ICON by sophiaslayys
ICONby sophiaslayys
When a 15 year has a bad at home life but a best friend willing to do anything to make her happy called Isla, Zhao Lusi's best friend pushes her to fulfill her dream. ▀▄...
Nandini  by zainny14
Nandini by zainab mahfooz
Nandini is a story of newly wed young girl set in 20th century. This story will unleash the connections between Nandini and the palace and what secret it holds. Best ran...
Tiny (TST+TDC) by Storyleak325
Tiny (TST+TDC)by Everleigh
When the remaining gladers find themselves in company of Jorge and Brenda they also discover Zara. She is Jorges non-biological daughter like Brenda. She is 14 and fierc...
The Esoteric Realm by RidhiPandey2885
The Esoteric Realmby Ridhi Pandey
"Beyond the facade, a world unseen." "The Esoteric Realm" "In a world of her own creation, a young girl's perfect facade conceals a hidden truth...
Emma and her adventures by Preksha889
Emma and her adventuresby Profeeler
A story about a little curious girl named Emma and her adventures into the unknown. What will happen after meeting a being not on her planet and going into the new world...
A Kawii Spider (Hunter x Hunter Fanfic) by AuthorlineChan
A Kawii Spider (Hunter x Hunter AUTHOR-CHAN
The Phantom Troupe find a young girl in Meteor City (their home)(whatever you call it) and she's...a rare one for sure.
Apocalypse One Shots by ragdolllia
Apocalypse One Shotsby ragdolllia
Apocalypse sex :3 I take requests!
Bangchan Dad Imagines // Stray kids by stvr_l1ght22
Bangchan Dad Imagines // Stray kidsby Marinettexy
Bangchan Dad Imagines containing Fluff,Angst and any scenario ♡︎
That Saturday Evening  by Honey_Scribbles
That Saturday Evening by Honey
A young girl pulled out of her Saturday plans is asked to meet her big boss to get some work done. Peep into this two part story to know more!
wish*trippie redd by simplytrippie
wish*trippie reddby simply❤
A story in witch a young girl from a distant home wishes for nothing more than to be happy.
Confessions  by lalahouse
Confessions by lalahouse
This book is kinda like a diary but anonymous if you dm me I could put out your confessions too xx
16 and having twins! by crazyaboutyouuu
16 and having twins!by Caitlea
A 16 year old single girl, Anna, was left pregnant by a drunken one night stand. Her family were ashamed and practically disowned her. What happens next? **originally...
The young mother of dragons by chodon1
The young mother of dragonsby Amelia
A girl that is written in prophecies finally wakes up in an old cave, she is young but has knowledge of all existence. she gets out and finds the Varden, and become frie...
Beauty and a Beat (A Bruno Mars Fanfiction) by Foggy_Monday
Beauty and a Beat (A Bruno Mars Foggy_Monday
There's no brighter moment in his life than where he's now, on a huge stage, under the spotlight, in the middle of fame and money. Loud clapping and cheering flood his e...
Mr. Yes by therichest711
Mr. Yesby DOLLY LU
From island gal to glorified sugar baby, Lu struggles to accept her transition. In her head, the world is judging, yet in reality her own self judgment seems to be the l...
JoJo - The Unknown Olympic DemiGoddess by ToriAnnBailey
JoJo - The Unknown Olympic Tori Ann Bailey
When I woke up, something was different, and I could feel it. I got ready for school, in my red uniform, trying to leave as soon as I possibly could, but then the door s...