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Fake Tan - hs  *ON HOLD* by harrysghosts7
Fake Tan - hs *ON HOLD*by harrysghosts7
Isla is 16 and lives a slow, steady and uneventful life - for a teenager that is. Occasional parties and flirty boys but no clue as to where she's headed; she's still 'h...
The Girl With Blue Eyes by GayuniSH
The Girl With Blue Eyesby 💀𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗶💀
[2nd Place in Paranormal | Magical Grand Awards] "Death can't stop me. I will take my revenge, even after my last breath." ...
Diaphanous (on hold) by RosesAndMustangs
Diaphanous (on hold)by ❀
Diaphanous: (adj.) light, delicate, and translucent. She was an angel in a world of demons. A child of Aphrodite in earth ruled by Hades. A melody from deep in the wood...
nymphet riot by rottenlyrosy
nymphet riotby a m a r i s 🕊
BLESSEDLY CURSED ARE ROSY LIPS CARESSED BY TRAUMA AND UNTAMED TOUCH. ♡ ranked 3rd in #prose ♡ ranked 1st in #freeverse ♡ ranked #25 in POETRY
Nandini  by zainny14
Nandini by zainab mahfooz
Nandini is a story of newly wed young girl set in 20th century. This story will unleash the connections between Nandini and the palace and what secret it holds. Best ran...
A Kawii Spider (Hunter x Hunter Fanfic) by AuthorlineChan
A Kawii Spider (Hunter x Hunter AUTHOR-CHAN
The Phantom Troupe find a young girl in Meteor City (their home)(whatever you call it) and she's...a rare one for sure.
Beauty and a Beat (A Bruno Mars Fanfiction) by Foggy_Monday
Beauty and a Beat (A Bruno Mars Foggy_Monday
There's no brighter moment in his life than where he's now, on a huge stage, under the spotlight, in the middle of fame and money. Loud clapping and cheering flood his e...
Mr. Yes by therichest711
Mr. Yesby therichest711
From island gal to glorified sugar baby, Lu struggles to accept her transition. In her head, the world is judging, yet in reality her own self judgment seems to be the l...
a young detective // ranpo edogawa bsd by kookiedreams_
a young detective // ranpo ʜᴏᴘᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ!!
"i'll do my best as the assistant of the world's greatest detective!" a young girl works as her inspiration's assistant where she witnesses the intelligent d...
Your cuteness is MY Saviour!! by TheresaZapico
Your cuteness is MY Saviour!!by Theresa Mae
A young boy of infinite wealth and a girl 1 year older than him are destined.One day the young man goes to the girl's classroom to hang out, the young man notices the g...
Apocalypse One Shots by ragdolllia
Apocalypse One Shotsby ragdolllia
Apocalypse sex :3 I take requests!
In Love With An Angel (X Austin Butler) by KWsStories
In Love With An Angel (X Austin K.W.
"I'm not what you think I need to stay away from me" he said pushing me backwards and I could see his eyes beginning to change colors. I stared at hi...
Explosive (A Flash Fanfic)  by Theflash2467
Explosive (A Flash Fanfic) by Theflash2467
Raelynn White's new metahuman powers exploded, resulting in the death of 15 kids one week after the particle accelerator explosion. She was sentenced to life in Iron He...
Little Thoughts (EN)  by JustAYoungLover
Little Thoughts (EN) by M
"My thoughts are stars, cannot fathom into constellations" - John Green An ordinary book with extraordinary thoughts, Blurry thin pages, but transparent as wat...
Sugar Daddy by ArianaLouisTommo
Sugar Daddyby let_me_love_you
Sugar Daddy [Informal] A rich older man who gives gifts or money to a very young girl in exchange for favors mainly sexual favors. When you love someone, truly love them...
The young mother of dragons by chodon1
The young mother of dragonsby Amelia
A girl that is written in prophecies finally wakes up in an old cave, she is young but has knowledge of all existence. she gets out and finds the Varden, and become frie...
Singer's True Debut by dsmpforlife1532
Singer's True Debutby dsmpforlife1532
A short story about how a young girl gets under the spotlight for the first time. (True story about me!)
Luna : A The First 30 Days Novella (published) by Haven84
Luna : A The First 30 Days Lora
A world where the dead eat the living is no place for a little girl, even one as sassy as Luna. In the world of The First 30 Days, Luna is a bit of a mystery. Or, more p...
Memories of Arcaea by Ocheezee
Memories of Arcaeaby Cheezee Cake
Two young girls have a journey to find the end of the truth about Arcaea. On the way they are both very different, one is lucky and one is not. The girl in black has e...
The Emerald Bird by Magica_MM
The Emerald Birdby Maizie Amore
a short story: estimated word count {7000-7500} began on 5/4/21 ended on -/-/-/ SYNOPSIS: In which a girl named Jada finds her true meaning. © MaizieAmore 2020, ALL RIGH...