OS - The Allergy

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The scene takes place after Juhi replaced Avni's sindoor with the color powder she was allergic to and Neil accidentally spilled the entire thing on Avni.


At the moment, all she wants is for someone to comfort her but given the circumstances, she can't expect that from Neil, can she?

She has spent the last 10 mins in the washroom trying to figure out a solution for the rashes. Ofcourse, it led to overthinking.

Sighing she walks out of the washroom only to find Neil running around.

Avni - Kya hua tumhe?

Neil - Finally you are here? What took you so long? If we don't apply something on the rashes, how will they even heal?

Avni - Neil calm down. They've stopped burning so it's okay. I'm going to sleep..

Neil - Don't you dare. Just shut up and sit on the couch?

And then Avni's attention feel on the table in front of the couch..
There were ice cubes, toothpaste, two types of lotion, a aloe vera tube, olive oil, napkins, cotton and so many things she didn't even recognize.

Avni - What is all this?

Neil - I didn't know what will work for you so I've got different things and we'll try to figure out what works and apply them in the affected region..

Avni - You don't have to...

Neil - Just sit. NOW.

Avni - Alright.. but it's alright, Neil. It wil heal by itself.

Neil - Are you a doctor? No right? Then don't try.. I'm not going to listen to you.
Sit quietly and let me aid the affected regions.

Avni was at loss of words, there she was in the washroom overthinking and here was Neil, doing exactly what she secretly wished him to be doing.
It took Neil a long time but he made sure he applied a remedy in every affected region.

Avni - Are you done?

Neil - Aye don't be rude. I'm doing this for your good and ofcourse, I don't want to get scared if I suddenly wake up from my sleep..

Avni - Then don't sleep with me no? Whatever Mr. Khanna

Neil - Areh yaar mein mazak kar raha tha.. you know I can't sleep without you next to me..

Avni - Acha? Tease karne ke pehle sochna tha..

And suddenly, he scooped her in his arms, took her to the bed, lied down and hugged her tightly..

Neil - We will go to the doctor tomorrow.

Avni - Why? They'll heal..

Neil - I don't want to take any risks, Av..

Avni - I love you.

Neil - I love you too.

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