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Avni's way of celebrating festivals was different from the rest. Things have always been a little difficult for her, and she always craved for something normal.

When Neela Maa adopted her, she made sure that Avni always celebrated all the festivals with happiness, no matter the circumstance. She'll always be thankful to Neela Maa for making her dark teenage life a bright one.

But now celebrating Diwali with her happy family, was a different feeling altogether. Looking at Bebe preparing the sweets, Shwetha Maa and Neela Maa decorating the house, Prakash Papaa preparing for the Pooja warmed her heart. She genuinely felt happy.. oh, and Neil? He was busy searching for green crackers.
When the topic about crackers came up, Neil's argument had been - Diwali mein crackers burst nahi karenge, toh kab karenge yaar. So keeping the environment in mind, they opted for green crackers. And Neil has been excited like a child to burst them.

And what was Avni's job? Shop for everyone. She not only had to buy clothes but also accessories for everyone in the family for the festival. Sounds like a easy task, but not so easy. Took hours to buy everything for each of them. But by the end, it was worth it.

And now on the day of Diwali, everyone has decided to be home for the whole day. They spent the whole day together by doing Pooja, illuminated the Khanna Masion with Diya's, made different Rangoli's together, lighted small green fireworks, had delicious meal and ofcourse, shared gifts.

Indeed the little things make a difference. One of the happiest days of AvNeil's life - their happy family together, genuinely happy :)

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