OS - Unpacking

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What happens when the husband is a clean freak and the wife isn't?
A short scene from when AvNeil return from a trip.

Avni - Finally, our home. Nothing like sleeping in our bed

Neil - Haan. Listen suitcase unpack kar lo.

Avni - Kal kar lenge na?

Neil - No no. Let's do it now.

Avni - Neil, it's 10 PM. We've had a long flight.. so jao and mujhe bhi sone do.

Neil - Avni it will take half an hour max. 2 big suitcases. The room is looking so dirty because of this.. let me help you, I'll open your suitcase, you keep the things inside.

Avni - Neil yaar. Tomorrow please? So jao na.
I'm very tired. Come here, and let's sleep.

Neil - Please, Av.

Avni - No mein toh so rahi hoon. Tumhe jo karna hai, karo. Good night!

Neil - Avni yaar listen..

5 mins later

Neil - Fine I'll unpack your things too but ab thank you to bol do.

Avni - What? Pagal insan.

Neil - I heard that..

Avni - Acha I'll help. But one condition.

Neil - And what is it?

Avni - You have to cook for the next two days..

Neil - Wait, so you will be unpacking your things and for that I have to bribe you by cooking for two days. Lazy goose.

Avni - Mein toh so rahi hoon.

Neil - Fine Fine. Done deal.
Lady don.

Avni - I love you too.

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