OS - Jealous Neil Khanna!

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This scene starts when Avni, Neil, Ali, Neela Maa and Mitali were at Neela Maa's discussing about how to trap Diksha.


Watching Avni and Ali sitting together, Neil was jealous. To instigate Avni, he started flirting with Mitali but she looked least bothered. And now he couldn't take it anymore. He has to do something, something to make sure that Avni and Ali are at an one hand distance or he will explode.

Neil - Oh look Riya uploaded something on Instagram.. Avni you need to see this. This might help.

With this, he went and sat between Avni and Ali.

Ali - Riya uploaded? Neil mujhe bhi dikha na.

Neil - Nahi nahi tu bad mein dekh lena.

Ali - Kyun? Mein abhi kyun nahi dekh sakta?

Neil - Kyunki yeh mera phone hai.

Ali - Phir Avni kese dekh sakti hai?

Neil - Kyunki woh meri wifey hai. She has all rights to see or use it.

Ohhhh's were heard from all directions and AvNeil didn't know how to react.

Neela Maa - Acha damad ji. Wifey and all huh.

Avni was embarrassed but she was heavily blushing.

Avni - Neil meant that...

Neela Maa - What did he mean?

Avni - Look Neil, Bebe is calling.. we have to leave. Bye everyone. We'll discuss later.

In Car

Avni - Kya tha woh?

Neil - Areh the post..

Avni - Which post? I checked her account, there is nothing.

Neil - Areh she might have deleted it.

Avni - Oh really?

Neil - Why are you so bothered about Riya? We have better things to talk about than that makeup ki dhukan.

Avni - Who brought this topic up?

Neil - Avni yaar. Acha I'm hungry. Let's go somewhere to eat and then go home.

Avni - Don't change the topic.

Neil - Mujhe bhook lagi hai, Avni.

Avni - Acha chamko cafe chalte hain. I want to eat Poha.

*Neil in mind* - Chamko Cafe = Ali = Chipkofying with Avni.. abhi abhi usse chutkara mila hai. Can't go back there. NO WAY.

Neil - Nahi nahi, I'm not hungry anymore. Let's go home.

Avni - Hua kya hai tumhe?

Neil - Woh..
He was sweating and there was a sudden break.

Avni - You better concentrate on driving. I want to go home, not hospital.

Yes, she might have a stern expression on her face but internally she was smiling. These antics of Neil, definitely spread warmth in her heart. And Neil? As long as Avni is with him, and at a one hand distance of any guy.. he's happy.

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