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These are going to be short conversations between AvNeil based on anything! Let me know if you like them and if I should continue :)

Post Neela Maa's incident, Vidyut has been initially arrested for his attack on the Khanna Mansion. But when Ballu had provided the Police with more evidence, Neil knew that it was sufficient to imprison Vidyut for his lifetime.

Neil knew that the only family Avni has now, is his and Aman.
He knew that she is going to over think but he wouldn't let her do that.
He's going to keep her so busy and happy that she has nothing else to think about. He will make sure that she knows that she has a happy family and a happily ever after.

Neil: Avni.. let's promise to do little things together every day..

Avni: Like what?

Neil: Umm.. like.. let's make sure that we have one meal together everyday, no matter how busy we get?

Avni: I like that. And how about we cook a dish for each other once in every two weeks?

Neil: I don't mind that.. wait, why not we ask Bebe and Maa to teach us a new dish each every week and we present it to each other. Like that we'll learn plus get the ghar ka swad rather than recipe.

Avni: Donee. This sounds so exciting.

He didn't miss the big smile on her face. It warmed his heart. He knows things are going to get better and he will make sure that they do.

Neil: Avni, do you want to work?

Avni: Ummm.. *Scared that he will judge her*.. If you want, I will.

Neil: What do you mean?

Avni: I don't mind doing it, Neil.

Neil: Alright let's start searching for jobs.

Avni: Sure.
As soon as he switched on the laptop, he didn't miss her expression.

Neil: Avni, what are you not telling me?

Avni: What? Nothing?
Okay.. I don't want to work at the moment, Neil. I want to spend my time with our family and you. In the future, I will but not now.

Neil: Donee I don't mind.

Avni: But aren't you mad at me?

Neil: Why would I be? It's your choice to be a homemaker and I completely support it. I believe in allowing you to do what you want. That's the kind of woman empowerment I support..
Av, what about the process for kids? :P

Avni: Besharam! Kaam karo apna..

Neil: Yahi toh mera kaam hai love..

Avni: Neil.. 🤦🏻‍♀️😀

No matter how serious the conversation, he knows how to make her smile in the end. ❤

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