OS - One year Anniversary

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Neil has been staring at the letter he made Avni write for the past 10 minutes. As much as he wants to save Mishti, he is not comfortable with sending Avni to Goa alone, even more he ie not okay with leaving Avni at the altar.

Avni - Neil, I've packed my suitcase and placed it in the cupboard. Now give me the letter, I will leave it on the bed when I leave.

Neil - No let it be here. I'll keep it inside later.

Avni - Alright. I'm going to bed. Good night!

Neil - Good night!

It's been half an hour since Avni slept but Neil just hasn't been able to close his eyes. He kept staring at Avni. The woman who didn't hesitate once when he asked her to help him save Mishti. She never questioned him when he got Juhi to stay at Khanna Mansion and never left his side. She supported him throughout and what is he going to do tomorrow? Leave her at the altar alone in the front of the whole world. The circumstance under which they got married, he never got a chance to publicly embrace his relationship. And now when he got a chance to publicly show affection to his wife who he loves unconditionally and accepted wholeheartedly, he is planning to leave her at the altar alone.

He doesn't care about the society but he doesn't want people to badmouth his Avni. She suffered enough during childhood and now he won't let it happen again. He loves his Avni Ayesha Khanna and the world will know it.

Having made a decision, he decides to talk to Juhi first..

Neil - Hi Juhi! Sorry to disturb you at this time.

Juhi - No problem Neil. What happened?

Neil - There is a slight change in plan. Avni won't be able to go to Goa tomorrow.

Juhi - But why Neil? What's her problem?

Neil - Problem? Tomorrow is our anniversary and she agreed to help you and in return you are being so ungrateful?

Juhi - My daughter is suffering there Neil and all Avni is bothered about is her anniversary

Neil - All I was about to say was that we will make a new plan and discuss it tomorrow after the anniversary celebration but looking at you, now I have changed my mind. We will take the legal route to save the child!

Juhi - Legal route? You can't do that Neil.

Neil - You claim that the child is ours. We know the location of the child then what is the problem. Don't forget I'm an ACP now and I know enough influential lawyers who can help us in this.

Juhi - No you can't take the legal route.

Neil - Whatever it is, we will discuss tomorrow after the anniversary celebrations. Dare you disrupt it.

With this, Neil went back to his room to see Avni awake.

Avni - Kya hua Neil, where were you?
Neil - Just sort some things out, now let's sleep. We have our anniversary celebrations tomorrow.
He pulled her in his embrace and slept.


Avni knows that all this is a plan but yet she can't help but feel bad. And standing at the altar right now she is scared about her own reaction.

Now that the ceremony begins, she doesn't want to think much about it.

Having recited the vows, Avni was surprised that Neil didn't leave.

Priest - Now I pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

Neil pulled her in a tight hug and pecked her. Followed by a love you.

Avni (whispering) - This was not our plan Neil.

Neil - You thought I'll leave you Mrs. Khanna. You are mine and the world should know that. Everything else can wait. I love you.

Avni couldn't stop smiling and tears flowed - I love you too.

Neil - Aye now stop crying. Let's change for the reception. I've got a big cake and a band waiting. Let's dance and eat our worries away for now. I hope you liked the wedding ceremony.

Avni - I loved it. This was much better than what I had dreamt of. I love you so much Neil Khanna.

Neil - I love you Mrs. Avni Ayesha Khanna.
You are the best thing that has happened to me.Now time for the reception. Let me introduce you to all the guests. Btw I've planned a small photoshoot too. The photographer is waiting for us.

Avni - Photographer? Kyun?

Neil - Let's get some pictures for memories too. Happy Anniversary Mrs Khanna

Avni - Happy Anniversary to you Mr. Khanna.

The worries are not going to be thought about for now. For this is their anniversary celebration. Anniversary of AvNeil ❤

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