OS - Bun in the oven.

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5 years from where the show ended.


Avni has just confirmed that she is pregnant with their second child and couldn't wait to share this with Neil.

It has been 5 years since Avni returned and the everyone at Khanna Mansion has been happy ever since.

Avni spent hours thinking about how to share this news with Neil when she decided that she'll surprise him by doing something she doesn't do often: cooking and baking.
With the help of Swetha, she made bhindhi and roti with the excuse - I simply wanted to cook for him Mummy ji. But she decided to bake by herself.

Avni - Neil, before cutting, likha hai jo pado..

Neil - Kya yaar Avni. Woh badme padh lunga. First I want to eat this cake.

Avni - If you eat the cake, how will you read what's written on it.

Neil - Alright alright. But yeh kaunse language mein hai?

Avni - Don't you know what language it is?

Neil - Ofcourse not.

Avni - Wait.. what were you saying that day?
'You speak such beautiful spanish, Sam.'
From the discussion I assumed that you were genuinely talking about the language but nahi, you were flirting with her.

Neil - No no, Av. I didn't mean to do..... Av, what's the burning smell?

Avni - Seriously Neil, I'm not jealous. Just whatever.

Neil - Areh genuinely bol raha hoon.. there is a burning smell around. Real wala fire ka na ki tumhare jealously ka, joh mujhe bohut cute lagtha hai... anyway fire..

Avni - Oh, pata nahi.. let me check!

Neil - Oh, look there is a bun in the oven.

Avni in mind - Oh damn. Mein toh buns nikal na hi bhul gayi.. Neil ko pata chalega na, he will again start making fun of my cooking..

Neil - Av, cake.. cooking.. bun in the oven.. omg bun in the oven.. Av, are we pregnant?

Avni - Yess..

Neil - I love you so much, this is the best news you've given me..
Our little bun is baking inside your stomach.. this is amazing! I love you

And this idea? Literally putting the bun in the oven? Damn, that was awesome. My tubelight isn't a tubelight anymore..

Avni - Yes yes I love you too..

Avni in mind - Oh, bun ko toh mein oven mein bhul gayi thi.. pregnancy ka announcement toh cake se karna tha.. but mujhe kya.. Areh what a save this has been Avni, you are so smart. Amazing! Smartie!

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