OS - Two Days Later

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A long AU story that takes place two days after the fire accident.


Avni decided that she will fake her death and start her life elsewhere where no one will identity her and maybe the Khanna family will be able to start afresh too. But is it right for her to decide for them? What if they want her around? And Neil, watching him cry at the hospital and looking at his broken state, she found it extremely hard to leave.

She just realised that she didn't think this through and running away is not the solution. She has to go back. To her Neil and her family.

Coming back late at night, Avni decides to first check on Neil and then talk to the family. Walking into their room, she saw Neil sleeping but he was restless. He kept murmuring her name and crying while sleeping too.

She tried to wake him up and when he did, he just smiled, pulled her in a tight hug and slept again? Maybe he assumed that he is hallucinating. Thinking about what would have actually happened if she really left, she realises that she would have broken him forever and things would have become even more difficult.

Sometimes what we think is right is not always right. We have to think from other's perspective too. Telling him her orginal plan might break him into pieces. She doesn't want to lie but rather she'll keep it to herself. It will be the best thing to do. For their future. For their happy future. Maybe this is the fresh start they need. Sometimes you have to prioritize the other person's happiness over the truth.

Deciding that rather then running away, she is going to face the situation, she went to sleep. Still in Neil's embrace.


Walking inside the room to wake Neil up, Shwetha was shocked to see Avni lying next to Neil. She didn't know how to react so she ran to Prakash and Bebe and pulled them to the room to make sure that she isn't dreaming or hallucinating. When the three of them realised that it was their Avni, alive in front of them, they just couldn't stop smiling. They don't know what exactly happened but at the moment, they don't care either. They are just happy that their daughter is alive and in front of them.


Neil doesn't want to open his eyes. He has dreamt about Avni and doesn't want to break it. His dream is better than the reality. All he wants is his Avni back. He just wants his Avni back. Rubbing his eyes and his tears away, he opens his eyes to see someone sleeping next to him. Before he could yell, Shwetha indicates him to keep his mouth shut and takes him out of the room. She realises that just one glimpse of Avni has brought all his energy back. He just can't stop smiling.


Gathering in the hall, all of them didn't know what to tell or do.

Neil - Maa. I don't know what to tell. Where was she all these days? She was alive, Maa. Why didn't she come back home? What happened to her? Why was she away? What happened?

Swetha - Neil beta, calm down. We don't know kya hua. Only Avni can tell so wait for her to answer all the questions rather than assuming.

Neil - Was she afraid, maa? What would have happened to her maa? Didn't she want to live with me? What happened? I'm scared.

Bebe - Do you think she would have come back, agar aisa hota toh Neil? Dekh mujhe nahi pata uske saath kya hua. But itna pata hai ki humari Avni won't do anything wrong. Promise me that you will give her a chance to explain and won't doubt or shun her away.

Neil - You really think that I'll do that Bebe? I trust her more than anything. Jo bhi ho jaye, mein aapki bahu ko kahin nahi jane dunga. She is stuck with me forever now.

Just then Avni entered the hall and the first thing Neil did was hug her tightly. Really tight.

Neil - I love you, Av.

Avni - I love you too, Neil.

Clearing his throat, Prakash couldn't stop smiling, 'First let's eat breakfast and then we'll talk about everything.'

Breakfast was a hearty affair, they had a lot to talk and alot of misunderstandings to be cleared but at the moment they wanted to be together. Just sitting together and laughing happily.

Now that it was time to talk, Avni was scared. What would be their reaction?

Bebe - Beta, kya hua ta tumhare saath, tum kahan thi yeh do din?

Avni - Bebe us din Vidyuth mujhe blackmail kar raha tha and phir jab mein wahan gayi, he was forcing me to marry him. And I set the place on fire to esacpe and when I did, I felt uneasy and fell unconscious. Then a passerby immediately rushed me to the hospital, since I had no ID on me, they couldn't inform you all. Once I woke up, a few hours later, I came back home. I'm so sorry for all the difficulty that I put you all through. I'm really sorry.

Prakash - Areh beta, isme teri kya galti hai, we are very glad that you are back home.

Swetha - Haan ab hamari bahu wapas aa gayi hai, I'm just happy.

Bebe - Is khushi mein aaj sham ko all 5 of us will go for dinner together. Bohut din ho gaye hai saath mein bahar jakar.

Avni - We will be ready Bebe.

Neil - Haan done but now mein aapki bahu ko lekar ja raha hoon. Don't disturb us for a few hours. Bye, I love you all.

With this he pulls Avni to the room and hugs her tightly and even she reciprocates. They didn't want to let each other go.

Avni didn't want to lie so they just gave an outline of the truth and decided that she won't give much details. Neil knew Avni wasn't giving all the details but he trusted Avni to know that she will make everything alright. The 5 of them are going to be happy after this.

Avni - Don't you want to know everything Neil?

Neil - Maybe I don't. All I want is for you to be here next to me as my wife.

Avni - Let's now focus on our relationship and live every day happily.

Neil - And our careers too. I want you to start preparing to become a criminal counselor. Kya hot jodi honge hum, DCP Neil Khanna and Counselor, Avni Ayesha Khanna.

Avni - Haha done. I love you.

Neil - I love you too. Never leave.

Avni - I never will.

A new beginning is around the corner. Their happy life with their happy family.

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