26 ※ Exposed

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Decided to split these chapters into two since it worked nicer, enjoy!

Chapter 26 ※ Exposed

Alone once more, Elle let out a breath, her thoughts reeling. She knew what would be best: to leave him while she still had the chance. A selfish part of her told herself she needed Cerid to continue training her. It might be worth the emotional strain to have an ally inside.

There were other things she needed to worry about. Keeping her chin up and her eyes raised onto the table she headed towards, Elle ignored the glance the tanned man directed to Tan. His expression speaking a thousand words.

She was permitted to sit wherever she'd like.

Kovar wore a lopsided grin as familiarly as one of his favourite jackets. Across from him was the blonde herself, those hazel eyes watching her every movement. Tan's fingers moved quickly as she tied her hair into a messy bun.

Llainari's hair had grown out completely, and he too had pulled it back into a small ponytail at the base of his head. Elle could always appreciate a man with good hair; his dark locks looked like he had made an effort with its upkeep.

'Girlie is back!' The brute pushed up from the table, mid-mouthful to embrace the slighter agent. He mussed up her hair in greeting, but she dodged away before his greasy digits could worsen its state. 'Where have you been? For the past two weeks, I haven't seen you.'

'Sorry, I—'

'She's got better things to do.'

The assassin turned to see Tan picking the meat of a rib, looking up through her lashes at them. 'Isn't that right?'

'Incorrect, I think you'll find. Although I do wonder where you're getting your information from since you should probably tell them to check up on their facts.'

Her nostrils flared slightly. Llainari's hand slipped into hers. At her surprised expression, Kovar decided to invade the silence. 'I'm certainly glad you've returned—third-wheeling a budding couple does get a little tiresome sometimes.'

'Did you just use the word budding?'

'Blooming,' he amended, brushing away Llainari's criticisms. 'I guess she finally got used to the whinging.'

Elle couldn't help but laugh, but her cackle was cut off short by Tan narrowing her eyes and curling her lip. 'Oh, so now after you haven't even spoken to us for over a week you want to waltz back here and act like you haven't been ditching us?'

'Come on, Tan.' Kovar placed his hands back on the long table.

'That's not what your attitude to this situation was yesterday,' a bitter laugh followed the pointed statement. He looked down. 'So this is how you want this to go down?'

The blonde agent didn't answer her question. Nor did she break her stare, gripping Llainari's hand tighter than ever—knuckles whitening. Scoffing, she looked between their expressions and Kovar's helpless one. 'Some agents.'

'I don't think you can use that argument since I've been beating you on the scoreboard since the first milestone.'

'Really? Shocking.' Feign surprise lit her picturesque face. 'Maybe you should see the updated board from this morning. Because I think you'll find I'm beating you.' She leant in, shooting a conspiratorial wink. Maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to do in her current situation, but Elle couldn't just stand there and listen to the shit falling out of her mouth.

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