The Ex-wife of the billionaire

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"Mommy wake up  mommy wake up " I woke up to my four year old son Aiden calling me.

"mommy please wake up i'm hungry"

"alright I am up" I said as I drug myself out of my comfortable warm bed to the bathroom it was so cold I just wanted to jump back in bed as the cold air touched my skin.  I did my daily routine and got dressed and went to make my baby boy some breakfast.

"Adie pooh what do you want for breakfast"

"mommy Adie pooh is a girl name and I want chocolate chip pancakes please".

"Well your my baby so I will call you Adie pooh and here you go "I  said as I set the pancakes on his plate.

"so what are you going to do today over aunt Gina's house"

"I'm going to play with Vanna" Gina is my best friend and has been since 5th grade when she said my hair looks like a bird nest and I said her hair looks like coil rings and ever since then we have been the best friends and she usually watches Aiden while I got to  work. I know you wondering why doesn't his dad watch him and truth is August doesn't even know he exist. August and I were married for about 2 years and during the second year of our marriage he started acting different he would work late and leave early in the morning I hardly ever saw him and when I did he was always to tired to do anything but then one night he came home early and took me out and we spent the whole night together and I thought things were getting better but a week later I came home from lunch with Gina were I told her I  was pregnant and planned on telling August tonight  but when I got there  he was there with a cup of scotch in his hand a bloodshot red eyes I can smell the alcohol rolling off of him in waves I asked him what's going on as I noticed tears stained his cheeks but all he
said was

"Get out and take all your stuff "

and that he wanted a divorce. The hurt swelled inside of me and I tried so hard to keep the tears at bay but I was confused as to why the man that vowed that he will forever love me was treating me like this . So that day I packed my stuff and stayed with Gina I was so hurt and broken for a long time and the hardest was having to face him when meeting with the lawyers. My lawyers asked me what I wanted from him and I replied I want nothing from him he wants the divorce and I am giving it to him

"don't be stupid Adrianna how much do you want" August replied in a cold tone that he only reserved for business 

"I said I don't want your money" I snapped back with a harsh clipped tone

"Now where do I sign so I can leave I have other matters to attend" I said trying to be strong

and show that this wasn't affecting me but deep down its tearing me apart every second that passes by. The lawyer pointed us were to sign and I hesitated because I couldn't believe that I am about to give up the only man I ever loved and will probably always love but I eventually signed and passed them over but it really hurt me most when he didn't wait to sign them like I was a piece of trash he wanted so bad to get rid of. After that I left the office and never looked  back and I never told him about Aiden because I was scared he would deny him and I didn't want my child to feel unwanted so here I am five years later dropping my son off so I can go to work at The Moet which is a five star restaurant were all the celebrities and high class socialites dine.  As I enter to work I see my boss Vincent who is like a father figure to me because I never really had any real parents or family it has always been just me. As my shift dwindled on by Vince asked me to close up so I did and here I am briskly walking to my beat up old car I have had since I was sixteen at 1:00am going to pick up Aiden and go home to our little shabby two bedroom apartment.  I get to Gina's around 1:15 and she tells me to just spend the night and leave in the morning I was to tired to argue so I just slept in one of the spare rooms unlike me Gina is very well off in life she's a big time cooperate lawyer wonderful mother to her daughter Savanna and her husband Jason Hendricks who she have been with since they were 14 is an neuron surgeon I really was happy for my best friend is getting all the things she deserves in life I thought as I drifted to sleep.

I wake the next morning hearing giggles and little  hands tapping my face I peaked so if they were watching and they weren't


"ahh mommy you scared me"

"yeah auntie Addie you scared me" said Aiden and savanna.

"Well if you guys weren't giggling so loud I wouldn't have woke up " I teased.

"Mommy I am a man and men don't giggle" Aiden huffed

"well come on my big strong man lets get you home and dressed okay.

"But mommy I wanna stay and play with Vanna" Aiden whined

"yeah auntie Addie I want Aiden to stay" also whined Savanna

"He will be back later when it time for me to work okay. I said

"OKAY" they said at the same time. So after we left Gina's we went home I gave Aiden a bath and made him lunch, after we ate we played and joked around until It was naptime then I woke up for work and to drop Aiden off.

I was currently at work running around like a headless chicken, we were so busy tonight because some rich business man is in town and he is dinning here today so every single or even married women in a five mile radius was here with their boobs pushed up so far to there neck I am not sure if they are able to breath with there freshly blonde died hair and dresses so short if they bend over they could get arrest for indecent exposure.

During the middle of my shift when things were starting to calm down Gina called me and

said she has to drop Aiden off something happened to Jason's mom and they have to fly out to Italy now so now I am currently at work with a hyper Aiden.

"Adrianna can you take the vip table our special guest have arrived and your our best waitress" said Vince

"sure can you keep and eye on Aiden" I asked

"yeah sure" he said.   So I got a tray off lemon waters and headed to the table.

"Hi my name is Adrianna what drinks can I start you off with" I said as I was opening up my note pad I heard a gasp and I looked up and saw my ex husband August his mother Grace his father Alec and his best friend Daniel all staring back at me. I took a minute to compose myself and put on a fake smile.

"So drinks"

"yes I would like a white wine and hi addie" said Daniel giving me a encouraging smile in which I returned.

"Yes in fact we will all have white wine" said Grace

"okay I will get that right to you" As I was preparing the drinks and trying to calm down so I don't have a panic attack

As I approach the table I hear laughing and awwing and I see Aiden at the table talking with Daniel and my face paled Aiden saw me a said

"Mommy I was looking for you I misses you. he said

"Aww honey I missed you too" I said and I dared to look at there face Grace held excitement Alec held a knowing look Daniel held a smirk lastly August held a shock looked then realization passed over and I saw anger.

"okay so what can I get you"

"well all have the chefs special" said Grace

  "okay Aiden honey lets go put this order in"

"okay mommy" then he turned to the table to say bye but he stared at August for a long time before he said

"hey mommy he has the same eye color as me" and I swear I almost died "I know honey lets go"

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