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Surprise! I started reading this book and decided i wanted to finish. Sorry
for the back and forth it's just once I started writing i couldnt put it down. Stay Tuned

Adrianna POV

As I lay in bed reflecting on how my life has changed
in a matter of weeks brings a huge smile to my face.

As I look over at August sleeping so peacefully i mentally count my blessings in my head.

I take the the time to really look at him , and my heart just swells with love.

His olive tan skin that's just as smooth as it looks , his short curly brown hair , hair strong very defined jaw line.

He is very handsome and I just can't help but smile. I was so distracted by his looks I didn't notice him waking up until I can hear the smirk in his sexy sleepy voice

" I love that you still stare baby" he said

" I wasn't staring" I gushed as my face turned beat red

"Uh huh okay" he said with a big grin plastered on his face.

" So are you anxious about today" he asked switching the subject

"Actually I'm really excited, and yeah also I am a little anxious to know that everything is okay with my little noodle" I say as I rub a comforting hand over my small barely noticeable bump.

" I am really excited also seeing you grow everyday, and just getting to experience this with you is all I ever wanted" August says with a small smile.

I still ping with guilt occasionally when the subject comes up , but not wanting to ruin the mood I brush it off and head to the bathroom to get dressed for the day.

As I turn the shower on I turn to examine myself in the mirror taking in my appearance. I wouldn't say I am the most beautiful girl in the world, but I have grown a lot of self-confidence lately.

My long dark brown hair , is effortlessly messy. My big green eyes look almost emerald in this light. My short 5 foot frame with a small baby bump that is kind of large for me to be only a couple weeks. Shaking of my thoughts I turn to the shower and hop in to get the day started.

August POV

"Hey G how is the planning going with Amanda today?" I say in a hushed tone over the phone.

" Great , everything is just about done and ready for tomorrow" she says

"Good! I just want everything to be perfect for her I really messed up bad , and I just want to prove to her how much I love her" I say sincerely

" And you will she is going to be so happy just because you took the time to plan this for her , she has already forgiven you this is just adding a cherry on top" Gina says lightening the mood

"Thank you Gina , I really appreciate your help with this you I don't know what I would do without you" i say in all honesty. Gina has really pulled everything together

" oh August your welcome" she says

" okay i'll check in later when she is not around" I say not noticing Adrianna was standing behind him.

Adrianna POV

".....I don't know what I would do without you" , "I'll check in later when she is not around " August says to some woman on the phone.

Tears begin to build up in my eyes as I quietly back out of the room. How could he do this to me ? To us? We were just getting back on track our family was finally coming together. My mind is racing and all I can think of is I have to get out of here. I grab the car keys and race out the door before August realizes I am gone.

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