The truth sets in.......

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"What am I going to do" is the only thing running in my head right now as I am telling Gina what happened last night.

"What if he knows which I am pretty sure he does", " Adrianna"

" what if he wants to take  my baby because he is angry that I didn't tell him"


"Oh my god I won't let him take my baby he is the only family I have Gina what am I going to do."

" Well if you actually let me speak instead of rambling on maybe we can come up with something instead of panicking so calm down and think things through rationally.

"okay I am calm"

"Now what happened after you gave them their food?" "They ate and paid the check and left"

"Did he say anything to you?" "No but he gave me this analyzing stare all night and when they were leaving he nodded at me with a look his eyes as if saying "see you soon."

"So I think if he comes to you approach the situation tactful and calm and you also need to apologize and we want to do everything we can to avoid going to court because as i'm looking at the situation the judge won't rule in your favor.

"Do you think  I was wrong?'

"Look Adrianna we have been friends almost my whole life your like a sister to me and as your sister I am going to give you the honest truth you were wrong and selfish for what you did I never told you because you already had made your mistake so I had to let you learn from it but as time passed by you never did and the thing that upsets me the most is you took a child away from his father because you thought he didn't want him when really it was for you own selfish reasons which were because you guys weren't together  when their are children in this world everyday heartbroken because they don't have a father"

"How come you never told me this"

"It wasn't my place to tell you made your bed now you have to lie in it"

"Your right well I should get going I have to get to work"

Later that day at work..

As I am working trying to distract myself from my crazy life and how I let it get like this I am not comfortable in life I shouldn't have to worry every second of the day that somebody is going to try and take my baby from me.

"Adrianna can you lock up for me tonight" asked Vince cutting off my mental rant


"Thanks your the best" vince said and left the restaurant.

As the day past buy the restaurant was running smoothly except for this one nasally women who kept complaining that the salad was fatting and if you can even call it a salad it was only lettuce and tomatoes. Closing time finally came as I lock up and stepped into  the cold and pulled my jacket closer and as I am walking to my car  a black limo pulls up and August gets out an holds the door and says

"Get in"

"I can't I have to go get my son" I say trying to avoid him

"Get in now Adrianna and stop being childish we have an important matter to discuss now GET IN!" he said irritated so I quietly got in the car and we rode in silence until we arrived at this hotel. We walked through the lobby and headed straight to the elevator and he put the key in to take us to the penthouse suite. As we got inside He led us to the kitchen so here I am siting across from the man I love terrified.

"Why" he asked

"Why what" I asked playing  stupid

"Don't play games with me Adriana I am slowly losing patience with you  WHY would you not tell me about our son"

"I thought you were going to deny him so I didn't even bother" I admitted

"I would have questioned it yes but just one look I would have knew" he said in a harsh tone with hurt in his eyes

"You didn't want me anymore and I couldn't bare seeing you and I did not want my child to feel unwanted"

"Just because our relationship didn't work didn't
mean I wouldn't want my child I would have loved him and cared for him like no other our relationship had nothing to do with the relationship I could of had with my son" he said

"I am sorry okay" I said with tears feeling my eyes

"Sorry doesn't mean anything when you knew this would hurt me and I wont get back the time I missed with my son" he said with hurt in his eyes and anger on his face.'

"So what do you want to do" I asked quietly hoping he doesn't want to go to court

"First I want to properly get introduced to my son and get to know him and oh you both will be moving in with me I refuse to have my child stay in that apartment any longer" he said in a tone I knew not to argue with.

"Also what is his full name?' he asked randomly

"Aiden August Moore" I said quietly

"His last name will be changed to steel as soon as possible and I will be added on to his birth certificate" he said

"okay" I said

"okay I will take you home so you can pack"

"first we have to get Aiden at Gina's" I said

"okay" he said

"But before we leave can you tell me why" I asked I just had to know

"Why what"

"Why you wanted a divorce so bad"

"Because I refused to be cheated on and taken advantage of" and with that he walked out leaving me confused

August pov

I can't believe after all this time I finally found her but I am no longer happy about it. After the divorce I went into a deep depression and I couldn't pull myself out but one day I decided that I will get my act together and I discovered that Adrianna didn't really cheat on me and that my business rival set it all up to tear down me and my company.

"So after I took care of matter with him I searched for Adrianna everywhere for two years and I couldn't find her so I gave up but I still have a pi check around for her twice a year. Then all of a sudden I see her in a restaurant and I was going to talk to her and this little boy that strangely looked just like me joined our table talking about how his mother works here, he misses her, and he was looking for her.

My best friend Daniel was the one speaking to him while my mother was awing and laughing my father was just looking at me with a strange look on his face and when Adrianna approached the table with our drinks her face paled and I wonder why but I figured out why when the little boy called her mommy.

I was so angry I knew he was mine I wanted to be with her but I don't know if I still can after what she did from this point I just want to co parent and establish a good relationship with my son who's name I don't even know yet but I will know everything I need to by the end of the night. 

So I could the private investigator and learned everything I need to about Adrianna Moore and Aiden Moore which will soon be changed to steel. Their living conditions are horrible they will have to live with me and I will see to it.

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