Telling Aiden.....

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How do I tell my son I have been lying to him his whole life.I don't want him to hate me he is the only family I have I hope he can forgive me.

August is coming over later so we can take him out and tell him together fingers crossed that all goes well.

" Aiden honey get dressed were going out today"I said

"Mommy you don't have to work today"he said

"no honey I don't a friend of mine is taking us out today and I have big surprise today"I said

"okay mommy"he said excitedly

Knock knock....

Omg that's August at the door okay be cool everything is going to be okay best case scenario he accepts August and they develop a relationship. Worst case scenario he hates me and never wants to see me again. Let's hope for the best.

"Hi August were ready let me call Aiden"I said nervously said if he's still angry

"Hi and calm down I'm not angry at you holding a grudge is useless I'm just here to establish a relationship with my son"he said but for some reason I felt hurt .

"Okay thank you AIDEN!!"




A minute later I see my son hopping down the stairs and I couldn't do anything but smile and stare at how cute he is and how much he looks like his father.

"Mommy what's that man from your job doing here"Aiden questioned

"Honey I'll explain later but first let's have some fun okay"I said

he stared at me and August for a moment than said "okay mommy"

After the carnival at dinner .......

"Mommy that carnival was so fun and thank you August for winning me this giant bear" Aiden said happily

"you're welcome honey but remember when I said I had a surprise?"I asked Aiden

"oh yes mommy what is it can I have it now"he said practically jumping up and down.

"Well honey remember you used to always ask why you didn't have a dad"I said calmly

"yeah"he said confused

"well I would never answer because I didn't want to lie to you and do you see August" I said

"yeah"he said even more confused

"August and I were married along time ago and we broke up and when I left I found out I had you and I never told August so honey August is your daddy"I said all in one breath

"mommy why didn't you tell me I wanted to be with my daddy on daddy's day and I wanted to show him my paintings and my tree house at Auntie Gina's"he asked sadly and it broke my heart to know I was the cause of it because of my own selfish reasons.

"Well honey mommy was doing the best I could and I'm very sorry honey"I said but he just nodded oh no worst case scenario is happening. I was about to say something but August cut me off.

"Hey Aiden I'm really sorry I missed out on the beginning of your life but I promise nothing can keep us away from each other and I love you your my son and I knew the moment you looked in my eyes"August said
"you promise you won't lie"Aiden said which kind of hurt me but I swallowed my words and let them have their moment.

"I pinky promise"said August

"one more thing what should I call you "he said confused

"you can call me August if you don't want to call me dad"said August

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