The Wrong idea ...

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Hi everyone I decided to continue 😊😊😊

Adrianna pov

" Hey Danny thanks for meeting us" I said as we were sitting on the bench in the park watching Aiden.

"It's no problem what's the matter you sounded like it was an emergency on the phone"he said worriedly

"Well August is acting strange always taking calls in the other room and is always out of the house and I don't want to think he's cheating because assumptions is what ruined us last time but I'm getting suspicious" i said sadly

"Look Adrianna I don't want to get involved with your marriage but I see where your coming from he has been acting strange he's rarely in the office and I'm just getting worried but I didn't say anything because I thought his absence was involving you" Daniel said which heightened my suspicions.

"Thank Daniel I guess I just have to ask him about it but I don't want to come off as I'm accusing him because I really have nothing to go off , and we were supposed to be looking for a new house and we have yet to do that i-i just hope that he's not cheating I couldn't take it" I said letting tears fall

"All Addie it's okay I'm sure he's not maybe he's just busy right now" Daniel said trying to make me feel better

"Okay" I said

"Good now wipe those tears you are a really ugly crier" he said making me gasp

"That's not funny" said punching his should

"Whatever" he said laughing race you to aiden

"Oh your on" I said running before he said go

"CHEATER" Daniel yelled after me

Daniel pov

This is how it should be me Addie and Aiden. August doesn't deserve them and I will do anything it takes to have them I thought as I watched them a smile on my face.

"Hey Addie the new superman movie is coming out can you come to watch it with me" i asked causally so she wouldn't suspect nothing

"Sure but it's it rated r I don't think I can bring Aiden "she said bitting her lip which makes me crazy

"Yeah and I won't be able to leave work until around 9 so it might will just have to be us" I said

"Huh Nooooo I'm getting stuck with musty Danny" she said laughing

"Hey I do not stink" I said laughing and smelling my arms just to humor her

"Yes you do Danny" she said

"Oh I do huh?" I stalking toward her

"Oh no" she said hinting at what I was doing and she started backing up

" oh yes" I said chasing her she's fast but I caught her and brought her to the ground rubbing my armpit in her face laughing

I stopped and we was just staring and I thought about how beautiful she is and how I have to get August out of the way so I can be with her.
But in the meantime I'm so caught up in the moment that I lean in and her eyes go wide and my lips were closing in on her's and
"MOMMY" Aiden called out he was crying and holding his leg it looked like he fell from the monkey bars

"Oh my god" Addie said as she scrambled to get up and get to Aiden

I walked over slowly caught up in what almost happened and how I have to get more control until the time is right.

"Is he okay" I said as I approached them

"I think it's broken so I'm going to take him to the hospital " she said

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