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Adrianna pov

Lately everything has been fine it's been about two weeks since our date and I been on cloud nine ever since but for some reason I can't shake this bad feeling off. Also I suspect that i may be pregnant and it's really scaring me because I don't think were ready for this yet. I'm currently at Aiden's school were I volunteer now I quit my job at the restaurant after a two hour long argument with August. Speaking of him he is currently out of state on a week long business trip and he left last night and I miss him already. And speak of the devil
"Hi honey" I said as I answered the phone excited because I haven't talk to him since he told me he landed. 
"Hey babe I miss you" he said in a tired voice 
"are you okay you don't sound good" I said worried "no I'm fine I'm just really tired" he said
"well you need to get some rest I don't want to you passing out okay"I said sternly
"okay I have to go I love you"he said making me smile
"I love you too call me later" I said
"okay bye".  I walk back into the classroom to see the kids have drew on the walls with markers and it's tape everywhere "I have to find
something else to do" I wondered out loud I said as I got a call from Daniel
"hey Danny boy"I said to annoy him
"what have I told you about calling me that"he said with fake anger in his voice
"Ah I don't remember"I said feigning innocence
"Yeah yeah but what are you doing"he asked
"I'm at Aidens school" I said
"How about lunch at Mattie's in 20"he said
"Yeah I could use a break" i said going to tell Aidens teacher I will be back
"Okay see then bye " he said
"Hi Mrs. Landers I will be back at pick up time to get Aiden I'm going for lunch" I said
"Okay that's fine"she said sweetly
"Oh would you like anything" I asked
"No that's fine thank you for asking" said

At Mattie's....

"Hey Danny"I said as I slid in the booth that he's in
"Hey Addie so how's it been how are you guys?" He asked concerned
"things are good I'm sure a you know he's on a business trip for a week in Florida "I said sadly
"aw does Addie pooh miss her big auggie"he said amused in a baby voice
"Shut up"i said
"If you miss him so much just fly down it could be like a weekend getaway"
"I can't what about Aiden"
"I'll watch him you just go surprise I set everything up I'll call Vanessa and tell her to book your flight and rooms she's in Miami also" he said pulling out his phone
"Who's Vanessa"I asked confused
"His pa she's been with him since about three months before we found you" he said with his eyes still glued on his telephone
"Oh" I said but for some reason I had this weird feeling when I heard her name
"Okay so then it's settled your plane leaves tomorrow morning and you will get there around 11:00pm" he said
"Okay well I see you later i need to pack" i said
I can't wait to see him I miss him so much and I'm going to show him just how much too. Time to take a trip to Victoria secret.

At the mall....

I wonder what color lingerie hmm I thought as I walked around the store looking at the various sets and colors and designs until one finally stood out a dark purple lace one with gold trimming I mediately grabbed it hmm maybe I should get new shoes to go with it oh ,and a dress this is going to take longer than I thought I said out loud to no one in particular.

Next day......

After packing everything i am now on the plane to Florida this trip is going to be amazing I thought and smiled before I drifted into a sleep

August pov......

I just left the meeting and I'm tired I just want  to go back into my hotel room call Addie and go to sleep.
"Hey August come have a drink with me" said Vanessa while batting her big blue eyes
"I can't I'm tired raincheck" I said
"Aww please"She said pouting and widening her eyes
"Okay one drink then it's bed time"I said sternly
"It's only 9:30 loosen up but come on"she said excited as she grabbed my hand and led me to the club  up the street.

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