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Adrianna's pov

I just arrived back home August was released from the hospital two days ago and we rested for a while and caught the earliest flight back. Oh I forgot to mention I'm pregnant and I haven't told August yet and I'm nervous because I feel it's too soon we just got back together and rekindled everything and I don't know if a baby is what we need right now. But I will not have a repeat so I plan to tell him tomorrow night, I'm going to take him out to dinner I'm looking at this as a positive surprise even though I'm scared shitless.

"Mommy I want juice" said Aiden coming down the stairs I still have yet to move back in with August since that little fight.

"Of course my baby bear lets get you some juice" I said pulling his cheeks and blowing raspberries

"Mom stop that I'm a big boy now" he huffed

"Okay mommies big boy lets get you your juice.

After giving Aiden his juice we decide to watch toy story during the movie August called......

August pov

I miss my family I thought as I'm looking out the grand view from my office. I have been standing here for an hour trying to piece together what happened to me. But it's like everything is a blur. Maybe i should ask Vanessa did she see anyone who could have spiked my drink.

"Vanessa can you come here please" I said over the intercom.

"Sure sir I will be right there"she said

She came into my office with the next two minutes

"Yes sir" she asked

"Please have a seat I just want to know more details about that night" I said

"Oh well we decided to get a drink after work you went to the bathroom and came back drunk your drink and from there everything went down hill"She said in a rush I raised my eyebrows at her and studied her posture for a minute I can tell she is intimidated by me.

"Very well then have you seen Daniel I called his office but his secretary said he has been out"I asked

"No I haven't" she answered quickly

"It's just so unlike him to disappear" I said

"Yes it is but sir can you excuse me for the rest of the day I have important matters to attend" she asked

"Well yes of course" I said...

Vanessa pov

"Hello meet me at the loft in an hour " I said hanging up the phone.

At the loft

"So what is the emergency" Daniel said

"Well while your out playing hide and go seek I was getting grilled by August" I said frustrated

"Listen just stick to the plan and everything will be ours" he said pecking my lips

"I think we need a new plan our plan it's not secure it has to many holes in and I'm the face of this plan and I'm not going to jail"I said harshly

"Listen we will revise the plan when Angelo gets here" he said

"About him out you sure we should have involved him he did get caught previously for his idiotic mistakes" I said worriedly

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