Mending the broken...

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It's been two weeks since I talked to August and to be honest it's really killing me but that's about to change. I'm just going to go for it the worst that can happen is rejection then I can move on in my life without any regrets. It's friday night so I know him and Aiden our having their movie night so I think I will drop by.

August house

Okay deep breathe you got this you can do it.
I ring the door bell and step back my hands shaking the pizza box and snacks I'm holding. August opens the door surprise and a unknown emotion passes through his eyes before it goes to a questioning look. "Adrianna what are you doing here is something wrong" he still cares which lets me know there is still a chance were both to stubborn to take it. "Yes I know it's movie night and I want to come by because I wanted to talk to you" " yes come in I actually want to speak you" "okay thanks um I brought food and snacks for you guys"I said "oh thank you AIDEN COME SAY HI TO YOUR MOTHER" he yelled down the hall "hi mommy" Aiden said as he ran down the hall be stop being upset with after a day and I was back to being his favorite person so he says "hey baby i missed you I brought pizza and gummy worms your favorite" "yay yay" he cheered on his way to the table. So after we ate we watched a couple of movies and Aiden went to sleep we finally got a chance to talk and my nervousness was coming back.

August pov

I'm actually glad Addie came by because I've been meaning to find a way to apologize because I miss her so much and I really want to make this work but we are just to stubborn to do so but that is changing tonight.
"So I want to start off by saying that I apologize for overreacting and treating you like that and I really do miss you and the whole moving you out and co parent thing was just out of spite" I said all in one breath to get it off of my chest. "I want to apologize for being so jealous" "Adrianna I think we should continue or relationship get to know each other again go dates please let me take you out In fact tomorrow let me take you out" "okay but if we don't work out promise we will still be cordial okay" "okay" "well I better get going" "nonsense it's to late stay in one of the guest rooms or my room if you prefer"he said suggestively "no I will take that guest room thanks"I said with a chuckle when I seen his expression drop "fine but you don't know what you are missing"he said with a pout in his voice "I'm sorry are you pouting one of the most powerful man in the world is pouting because of me total ego boost"I said patting myself on the back and heading to the room. "Yeah whatever don't try to change your mind in the middle of the night because the offer is going to be closed" he said callings after me

3:00 am (August pov)

I can't sleep my bed feels so cold and my room feels so lifeless so less homey I wonder if Adrianna is awake. I layed there for about 10 minutes debating what should I do so I decided to take a chance I got up and slipped out my room I cringed when the cold air hit my body but I kept going as I approached her door I stepped and closed the door quietly to not wake her up"

Adrianna pov

August must have forgotten I'm a light sleeper I heard him creeping down the hallway and I just smirked. He was easing into the covers and slowly moved me closer and put his arm around me. "So I thought the offer was closed" I said startling him "I said for you it's open to me whenever I want" he said with smugness after he came down from his shock. "Is that so"I said with my eyebrow raised "ah no I mean not all the time but sometimes or whenever you say which is when I can" he rambled and I just laughed "I'm kidding"I said he just huffed and laid down I laid down also and we drifted to sleep and peaceful warm sleep.

The next morning night
I woke up to quiet which is unusual in this house I sat up and saw a breakfast tray next to there was a note
Hey babe,
I had to leave early to plan for our special day eat breakfast because your going to need the energy wink wink but no seriously get dressed there is a car waiting for you down stairs to take you to your first appointment
- Love August

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