Back to the old life ....

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Things have been different lately I feel more at peace and more like my old self knowing that I don't have to look over my shoulder every five minutes terrified that someone will take my son away from me. August and I have been working on being friends first and I love that he respects my wishes but I cant help but be jealous or fill hurt when he tells people were only friends , he also hasn't tried to make a move on me yet. Today August is taking me to lunch to talk over the public finding out about Aiden and meeting with his parents.

August pov

Lately I have been noticing jealousy come from Adrianna and I haven't made a move on her because I want to prove to her that we just can't be just friends and today at lunch I am going to make her crack.

Adrianna pov

As I just got done getting ready I hear the door close "That must be August" I thought to myself "wait tell he sees me he's going to want to jump out of his pants" I smiled at that thought. As the door opened August was texting on his phone I cleared my thought excited for his reaction but was crushed when he only looked up into my eyes and said "ready"
"yes I am"I said with fake enthusiasm
"are you okay you seem a little upset" he asked
"No I am fine just a little hungry"I lied
"Okay"he said

At the restaurant ......
August pov
Adrianna looks so beautiful right now but I am supposed to be making her crack so I don't acknowledge it and I can tell it bothered her that's step one step two make her jealous
"Hi reservations for 2 under Steel" I said with a smile at the hostess just to get under Addie's skin
"Yes right this way Mr.steel" the waitress flirted back
She grabbed my arm as she led us to the table
"Let me know if you need anything else"she said seductively
"Ah thank you marisa I will be sure to keep that in mind" I said as I read her name tag which was on her chest. I can almost see the green in Addie's eyes.

Addie pov
I am about two seconds away from stabbing the bimbo in the boob with my fork.
"Hi my name is Sidney I will be your server today what drinks can I start you off with"said our bimbo waitress who was basically only talking to August.
"Yes I will have a gin and tonic"August said while smiling at her I will give him something to smile about
"And you" she said in a bored voice
"Yes I will have white wine" I said in a cold tone and she rolled her eyes and went to make our drinks August looked up from the menu and said
" So I was thinking that we should make a press conference and just tell the truth so we won't have media harassing us for the story"
"hmm"I said thinking
"But the downfall to that is you might gain a lot of people who diss like you for your decision but I think it's the better route if you just tell them your side and what you were feeling firsthand so we won't be bullied into or someone else exposing it" he said I knew I made a horrible decision and now I have to face the consequences
"okay let's do it" I said
"Okay and -"here are your drinks said the waitress cutting off August from speaking. "Ah yes thank you Marisa we will just have the chefs specials"said August ordering for us "okay sir coming right up but until then let me know if you need anything else" she said suggestively "oh I will" he said and with that I just got up and left the table

August pov
"Oh I will" I said and then I heard the table moving and I saw Adrianna leaving I paid for the drinks and went after her.
"ADRIANNA" I called but she just got in the car and slam the door I got in the car and sat there for a minute. I took a deep breathe and turn to her. "What was that all about why did you make such a big scene?"I asked "Just take me home"she said her voice laced with attitude. "No we are going to talk about this what is the problem that you had to storm out the restaurant like that and embarrass me and cause bad publicity?" "I SAID I DIDN'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT NOW TAKE ME HOME"she said which made me angry because she just won't admit it that's she is jealous but I know what I'm going to do."you know what fine but from this point on I don't want wish to speak to you unless it's about my son now buckle up"

Addie pov buckle up" August said with anger and hurt in his voice. I curse myself for being so stupid I can't admit that I'm just jealous and that he's just doing what I want but hopefully he's not serious about not continuing are "relationship"

"Thank you" I said waiting for his reply but he just hummed and low your welcome while checking his phone messages. "Look I- "oh now you want to talk do I look like a child or a game I'm not a toy you can't play with me or pick me up when ever it's convenient for you or what you want it's always about you and your feelings do you stop and think about anyone else? No and what's hurts the most is at the end of the day I still love and forgive and today I was focusing on making you jealous so you will realize that we are suppose to be together but not anymore as I said don't contact me unless it's about my son I want him Thursday night until monday morning and you have him Monday night until Thursday morning with that being said anything you need involving my son call but if not have a good day Adrianna because I'm not playing these games anymore I am an adult. I will be getting you a new apartment fully furnished and three blocks away don't worry about bills it's taking care of it will be ready the day after tomorrow " He said with so much certainty that I knew I had messed up because of my childish behavior and not want to get hurt but in the mist of protecting myself I hurt him and that's what hurts me the most. So I got out the car speechless and hurried into the regretting every step that I am taking away from him.
That night as I'm awaking packing my stuff I take a break to think how could I let my life get like this and it's all my fault my sons mad at me and the man that I love because of my selfishness.

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