Chapter Nine

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Ferox's POV
    I sit at my desk looking over the treaty, crossing things out and rewriting ideas. Half of Menos's requests involve banishing my pack, the other half allowing his full reign over the woods. I sincerly hope teh prince is not so stupid to allow the mutt to stay, but with circumstances changing, my thoughts are cut short when a soft knuckle hits the door. Ruby enters the room in her silk robe, and I can't help but feel my tension leave me. She softly pads behind me, draping her pale arms over my shoulders and kissing my cheek.
    "I heard what Menos plans, but perhaps we can get around it," she delicate whispers slide into my ear. I spin my chair facing her. She stands back, a devilish flicker in her eye.
    "How do you propose we do that?" She smiles and giggles.
    "We have two options that don't involve rejection. One, I tell the prince saying that when he banishes your pack-"
    "Our pack." She bites her cheek before continuing.
    "Yes fine, our pack I will be leaving. This means leaving him. I can talk him down and show him how beastly the South Pack is. The second is less desirable, but so much more fun," she giggles and her joy spreads to me. I smile and pull her onto my lap. She screams in delight and kisses me.
    "Our second option?" I remind her pulling back. She blushes and giggles.
    "I poison the prince, offer him an antidote, and in exchange the South Pack's banishment." She smiles, proud of her plan. I slowly nod.
    "That could work, but ruin our relations with the crown. She scowls and crawls off my lap.   
"But that won't be necessary." I cock an eyebrow at her response.
    "Why not, my sweet?"
    "Because once the prince signs the treaty, which will have a clause where the advisor can claim the throne should no heir be supplied, I will kill him," she states her plan simply. I know there's no point arguing with her, but my heart turns cold at the thought of her plan. How she never told me, how could she? We've known each other for less than a month, but it feels like an eternity. I stand too, suddenly angry.
    "You plan on killing the crown?" I growl. My wolf begs me to not hurt her. Her face turns red as she puts her hands on her hips.
    "Yes, I plan to kill the crown, to kill the man responsible for hurting me! He kissed me against my will, blackmailed me into staying silent, kicked me out of my home, and has been treating me like a slave. I want to watch his life bleed out of his eyes, I want to see his dying breath as he begs for mercy. I want to give him the kiss of death," she screams. Her eyes are filled with bloodlust, anger, and passion. She is the Venom Queen. I had forgotten how cruel she is, how she has killed so many. How those perfect lips can mutter such cruel things, but what angers me most, is the love for death. She wants to see him die and suffer. I growl, but she does not back down. A flicker of fear passes through her eyes.
"You will do no such thing."
"Yes. I. Will. You don't control me, and you'll have to accept that when I'm you queen and Alpha," she hisses at me and storms out of my office, slamming the door. I breath heavily. I fucked up. I really did, but she can't kill the prince.

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