Chapter Eight

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Ruby's POV
I gather the copy of the current treaty, the copy of the proposed treaty, and several papers of notes from Isaiah's study. I grumble in disgust at the several dirty dishes on his desk. Leaving his study and going to the conference room where he and the Alphas will be meeting to discuss the new treaty. Isaiah is still planning on kicking the North Pack out, but Ferox has an advantage, me. If worst comes to worst, I'll tell Isaiah I'm leaving if the North Pack leaves and I hope that will be enough for him to consider they stay. I knock gently and enter the room. Three pairs of eyes stare at me. The cold grey ones of Isaiah, the warm ones form Ferox, and red ones of the South Pack Alpha, Menos. I gulp and set the papers in front of Isaiah before taking my seat on his right.
"So Alphas, I believe a treaty re-write is in order. I believe each of you have requests you wish to add," Isaiah begins. I stare at Ferox, his eyes on Isaiah. He holds his jaw tight, obviously frustrated at the prince.
"Yes, I want the North Pack scum out," Menos begins. His speech jagged and hoarse. Isaiah nods and turns to Ferox.
"I want no violence in the Red Zone, and discontinue the use of Hunter's Poison," he growls. Isaiah's eyes skim over Ferox. He seems almost bored.
"No, I believe that we must keep the Red Zone, the full moon wolf threat is serious and before the Hidden River, many of my citizens were killed."
"You can keep the current rules only within one wek before and after the full moon. Any other time we may walk into town." Ferox stands strong, and I see why his pack responds to him well. Yesterday he announced me as his mate. The pack was angry and disgruntled. "They'll come around." He said and then proceeded to let a kiss linger on my collar bone. I smile at the memory.
"Ruby!" The prince's stern voice jolts me to the present. "You're thoughts on Ferox's plan." I blush.
"I agree. It seems logical." Ferox flashes a smile that sends shivers down my spine. The past week has been like a dream. We've been sleeping separately, but every night we cuddle on the couch and I fall asleep in his arms. Every morning I come downstairs in my robe, much to his dismay. Discussions continue well into the night. The princes ever asked my opinion again and no conclusions beside the Red Zone rule revision. Alpha Menos is still set on banishing the North Pack, but Ferox has held his ground while the Prince, seemed to dance on both sides while both Alphas completed because it was clear by the time the treaty was completed, only one pack would be left.
"Thank you gentlemen, until next week. Ruby, a word," teh prince demands, standing for the first time in hours. I scowl at the prince, and flash a reassuring smile to Ferox. The Alphas leave the room, but I feel Ferox's presence outside the door. "Ruby dearest-"
"Don't call me that," I spit. He grab my chin forcing me to look at his eyes.
"Dearest Ruby, where have you been living since the unfortunate incident at your cottage?"
"None of your concern. I have a roof over my head and am further in the woods. DOn't worry." I grumble, wishing I could growl like many the she-wolves. I want to initiate fear into my enemies with a glance. Let them already feel my danger before knowing me as the Venom Queen.
"My castle will always be open," he says, practically purring. But unlike a wolf, the tone doesn't suit him well. I break away from his grasp when his hands begins to stroke my cheek.
"I'm alright," I snap before tuning on my heel and leaving the room. Once I gain his trust, it'll work out. I can rule from the sidelines. Then kill him and be queen myself. My tension leaves me remembering my plan. Breathing a sigh of relief I nearly run into Ferox. As I thought he was right outside the door. I giggle and he bends to kiss me. I pull away. "Not here, the prince, the treaty." He nods and raises his head. As much I want him to say fuck taht and kiss me anyway, we knew what was at stake. So he holds his arm for me to take, I giggle and do. We walk down the hallway, past Menos, and out into the Walled Sector. Walking towards the forest, I see storm clouds beginning gather over far distant mountains.
"Thank you," Ferox says to the guards opening the Walled Sector gates. We pass through them and Ferox's arm drops as his hand grabs mine. I blush and look at his dark eyes. I smile and lean against his shoulder as we walk to the Elder Bridge.
We reach the house just as rain begins to fall. The ground soaks in the moisture and the water pools beneath tree. Thunder cackles overhead. Ferox opens the door, letting me pass. Fortis stands looking out the large windows, but turns hearing us.
"Finally, Ferox there's a letter," he says sharply, ignoring me. I huff. I look at Ferox, he looks concerned.
"From who?"
"Alpha Menos, I believe you will be needing to revise the treaty sooner than expected, or-" he stops short, seeming to suddenly realize I was in the room. I quickly dart to the stairs and up them, out of sight, but I could still hear them.
"Or what?" Ferox growled.
"Alpha Menos, he is aware of your current mating situation."
"How so?"
"He knows about Ruby and is prepared to use that in his favor, unless you reject her-"
"No, he knows the prince will be choosing the North Pack, and telling him about Ruby would change that, but she is my mate. I couldn't lose her."
"There are no what if's. I've made up my mind. Now leave me!" Ferox growls menacingly. I can feel the fury boiling of him and I feel light. He hasn't been lying. Some part of me thinks it was dream, destined to shatter as I wake up. I skip to my room in a better mood despite knowing all of this will come crashing down.

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