Chapter Six

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Ruby's POV
We reach his house at dinnertime despite leaving at noon. With all my luggage and the uneven path it took us the better part of the day to arrive at his front door. Groaning, I collapse onto the same chair I occupied before. He sets my stuff down in a large pile at the foot of the stairs. He sighs in content as he sits across from me, finally resting his legs. I close my eyes, savoring the fact I can sit. I've walked that path many times and further, but none of my journeys have ever been this tiring. Taking deep breaths, I open my eyes to see Ferox staring at me. I smile, my cheeks flush in embarrassment, or pride? As we stare at each other in sleicen, the door suddenly slams open and Ferox leaps to his feet.
"Ferox, where the fuck have you been?" Fortis practically yells at my mate. Mate, the word tastes weird. I don't think I have settled into the fact I'm mated to a werewolf. Ferox rubs the back of his neck awkwardly.
"I ran to Ruby, and she's moving in with me. Temporarily," he's quick to add at the warning look Fortis gives him. My blush deepens. Fortis whips around to look at me. His eyes are growing darker as his wolf's anger is about to burst. Emotions become more potent around the full moon, meaning wolves are easily angered. I gulp.
"I can sleep somewhere else. I can go to the castle before nightfall," I squeak, intimidated by the two muscualr men. Why am I scared? I can kill armies without lifting a finger, but these wolves manage to frighten me without trying. I'm making such a fool out of myself. At my words, Fortis's head swings back to Ferox. Ferox seems to grow taller, daring Fortis to tell me to leave.
"She'll stay," Ferox growls. His voice is low and grumbles in his chest. It reverberates through the room and Fortis visibly shrink into himself. "Don't question the Alpha again."
"Yes, sir. Sorry," Fortis whispers before rushing out of Ferox's house. Ferox begins to stomp away, up the stairs before I quickly rush to his side, grabbing his elbow. As soon as my fingers made contact with his skin, hot prickles shoot through my body. Zinging through my heart, sending desire pooling low in my stomach. I swear I hear Ferox purr. I quickly release his arm, the desire not leaving me. I giggle nervously.
"Where will I be staying?" Your room, my mind answering the question inwardly. Oh god. I feel my cheeks flush even though I know Ferox can't read my mind.
"A guest room," he purrs. And in spite of everything, my heart sinks. I thought being his mate would, I don't know, change things. I nod silently.

Ferox's POV
Her eyes drop to the floor when she knows, as if she's disappointed. That can't be it. I grab another bakst and begin to carry them to the second floor, past my study and bedroom to the guest room at the end of the hallway. I open the large door to a simple white room. The sheer curtains cover the window shielding the setting sun from blinding me. The window seat has several large pillows on it while the queen size bed if fit a king. With that thought of the royal family my eyes narrow and my seething anger ta them returns. I take a deep breath and roll my shoulders back, regain my posture as Ruby enters the room. She gasps at the size of it. I see her eyes gleam at the sight of the window seat.
"Thank you, this is gorgeous," she says, eyes wide.
"You're welcome. Please get settled and come downstairs in half an hour for dinner. We are too late to eat with the pack so it will be you and me only." She nods and softly pads to the window, opening the curtains wide. It reveals my favorite view from the house. The forest stretches for miles and the window only shows part of the beauty. A tree stands right outside the window, a bird's nest tucked neatly between two branches. Her breath catches when she sees the bird's nest and she giggles. Th sounds strikes my heart and I want to kiss her. To tell her I'm her mate, the one she should be with. I want to press her against the tall bedpost and claim her lips with mine. I purr at the thought. At the sound, Ruby looks round. She catches my eyes and my thought must of been echoed in my eyes because she blushes, her eyes shimmering. I quickly leave the room before I decide to act on my thoughts. I need her to want to be with me, to stay with the pack, otherwise her being the Alpha will never work. I rush into my room to take a long, cold shower.
Half an hour later, I sit at the long dining room table. A place is set for her at the other end. My leg bounces impatiently The tantalizing smells from the kitchen waft over me as my stomach growls. Finally Ruby comes down the stairs. She's wearing a dark purple dress that is shorter than any other she's worn, and a sheer collar reaches to her neck. And, oh god she looks gorgeous. My mouth dries as I stand. She sits at the spot set out for her. She sits and I follow after she's made herself comfortable.
"Do you always leave roses for you guests?" She says, looking up form where she was straightening her fork. Her blue eyes meet mine. Purple swirls within them. I grin.
"No, only you." She blushes at my words and quickly looks down at her plate again, a small smile graces her red lips. She rubs them together and I feel it everywhere.
"What's for dinner, it smells delicious?" She asks.
"Apple and chicken stew with a salad," I respond, my voice hoarse. She hums in delight and licks her lips. How I wouldn't like to kiss those lips, to feel them everywhere. I inwardly growl at my wolf for thinking such things. They may be true, but not yet.
Dinner ends after hours of us talking , long after the full moon has risen. I hear distant howls of my pack either engaging to hunt for blood or other acts. I don't feel the effects of the moon as much being the alpha, but since it broke over the horizon, my wolf fights harder to indulge in my fantasies with Ruby. With her gorgeous red lips, and no clothes. But her witty banter has kept my wolf at bay for hours. We stand and walk to the staircase. Instinctively I hold my arm for her to grasp. And when she does, sparks fly over my body. Whether it was the full moon, or my wolf finally wanting to be free, or just the pure feeling of being with your mate, I kiss her.

Ruby's POV
His lips meet mine, and without thinking about it I kiss him back. All my thoughts over dinner, wondering what his pillowy lips would feel like, came true. His kiss is gentle, but I feel him holding back. I grab the back of his head, threading my fingers through his silky hair. He purrs and pulls me against his rock hard chest. He applies more pressure to my lips, deepening the kiss. As his lips slide against the seam of my lips, I open my mouth allowing him access to my mouth. He explores it fervently as if he has been starved. I arch against him, wanting to deepen the pressure between our bodies. His arms cup the back of my head as the other holds my waist. I long for his hand to move lower, towards my- I quickly break the kiss, ashamed of my thoughts. His eyes are dark and filled with lust. That's when I notice the considerable bulge in his pants. I blush and break away from him, running up the stairs, taking two at a time. I slam my door shut, pressing my back to it. What just happened?

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