Chapter Fifteen

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Ruby's POV

I stop, staring at the scene unfolding in the window. A little girl, covered by a red cloak, obviously part of Isaiah's warriors, stands above Ferox. His arms are held up and he's smiling. Her hands shake as she tries to thrust the sword grasped in her hand down into my love. I doubt she could do it. Her face is pale as she's facing an internal struggle. Ferox feels it too, he's talking, gesturing wildly with his hands. The little girls lets out a laugh and let's the knife slip down just slightly, before she quickly straightens it and holds it ready to strike once more.
I'm frozen to the ground, unable to move, stuck watching the scene unfold before me. Ferox looks scared now. His eyes are dark. Why hasn't he shifted yet? He can easily tear her throat open with his teeth. Form his position, I know five ways he could kill her. I know he will know more. Why hasn't he moved? Then he does.
He lowers his hands to his side and hangs his head back, exposing his throat. No. No. No.

My basket drops.

My eyes are wide

My breathing picks up. I'm hyperventilating.

A flash of silver. The blood.

It pours out of Ferox, as his body drops onto the floor. The little girl is as frozen as I am. We stare at the man lying dead. The wolf king dead.

A scream echoes through the trees. It's high out he's and sounds like metal swords scraping on stone. It pierced my heart. I feel the sorrow, the pain, the tears, the anger in that scream. It doesn't sound human. Then I realize it came from me. The little girl looks up from my love and stares right at me.

We stare at each other before I can move again. Once I do, I take a step to her. Before she can escape, I race into the house and gab her throat.

I feel her pulse against my fingers, her warm flesh being squeezed, the life gushing out of her.

"What did you do?" I scream in her face. "What did you do?" She splutters as her hands grab at my hair, hoping to pull me off. I let her go when her face turns purple. She drops to the floor coughing. I kick her. Once, twice. She drops down, coughing more now. Then the sound of gasping fills my ears. I turn to see Ferox. He's spluttering on words, choking to get them out. I take off my white cloak, the one I wore earlier walking down the aisle. I press it to his wound, hoping to stop the bleeding. But the blood flows out of his body, the warm sticky substance staining the white. I feel every heartbeat, the thing keeping him alive, push more blood out of him. His attempts to make words fail as his ragged breathing becomes shallower until it fades to nonexistent. His body starts to go cold in my hands. Hot tears mix with his blood. I wipe my tears away and leave a streak of Ferox under my eyes. I stand, my cloak clutched in my fist. The little girl looks at me and I see myself in her.

I see myself as a killer.

The little girl doing what she was told.

The girl who is scared.

The girl who did this and faced the love of the deceased, only to kill them too.

The girl who stand before me will not kill me. My blood will not join Ferox's. But hers will.

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