Chapter Eight

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"You're kidding me right now."

Your voice was laced with anger and frustration as you stared at the small envelope in your hands, your e/c eyes scanning over the name written on the front.

"Did they deliver the wrong mail?"

Taehyung spoke from beside you, a large smile on his face as he watched your reaction.

He had come over a few hours ago and offered to drive you into town, which you happily agreed to. You would do anything to get away from your boyfriend at the moment.

He stayed with you while you grocery shopped and made your way around the small town that you had actually come to like. It was quiet and quaint, nothing like the big city you were used to. Kids played in the streets, riding their bicycles and laughing as they raced each other.

It was nice to see that someone was happy.

Taehyung had actually opened up to you. He told you about his family and his aunt's history with the house you were currently living in. He told you about how her sister had gone missing so many years ago and how no one had seen her since.

The people in the town called her crazy.

Apparently, when the whole ordeal happened, Taehyung's aunt told the police that "the small door" had taken her sister.

Of course, they didn't believe her and she's been deemed the "creepy old woman" ever since then.

Something about the story sent shivers down your spine. Just knowing that a little girl vanished without a trace in the very house your staying was scary to say the least.

"Yes." You huffed. "The mailman clearly doesn't mind just throwing the mail on the porch."

The chestnut-haired boy sent you a square smile.

"You're probably right about that." He said. "People around this town don't like being near this them the creeps."

You sighed running a hand through your hair as you looked up at the pink-colored wood that the house was made of.

"They aren't the only ones." You muttered.

Taehyung tilted his head as he watched you stare at the house.

"You shouldn't be scared." He stated. "It's just a house."

You nodded in agreement , swallowing hard.

"I know that." You stated. "I just-Something about this place just feels...wrong. You know?"

He sent you a sympathetic smile before placing his hand on your shoulder.

"I understand how you feel." He stated. "Sometimes I feel like this place is watching me...almost like it's telling me not to get too close.."

You rubbed your upper arm nervously, goosebumps beginning to cover your skin.

"I don't like it." You popped.

Taehyung chuckled at your words.

"That makes two of us." He said. "But at least you're not all alone here, you have your boy-"

Your fallen expression caused Taehyung's mouth to snap shut, his brows furrowing as your e/c eyes avoided his worried gaze.

He could tell that you weren't telling him something.

The day he first met you, he knew that there was something that wasn't right between you and your boyfriend. The way he looked at you and the way you behaved towards him. He knew that your relationship was probably on thin ice...but he never knew that it was this bad.

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