Chapter Seven

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Your body reluctantly stirred into consciousness, eyes fluttering open as a quiet huff of air leaves your parted, pink lips.

Memories of last night came flooding back to you the instant your eyes were open, causing your blissful expression to fall into one of annoyance and stress.

You had to face Jimin today.

And not the Jimin you had encountered in your wonderful dream the night before...No..You were going to be forced to come face to face with the real version of your boyfriend...the one who never seemed to be able to show any other emotion than annoyance.

You took a deep breath before moving to reach for your phone that sat on your nightstand.

A soft groan caused your entire being to freeze.

Confusion and shock completely overtook you as a familiar arm draped over your waist, pulling you backwards until your back met a firm, muscular chest.

Warmth encompassed you completely as the man behind you snuggled into your form, his head resting in the crook of your neck.

You couldn't stop your mouth from falling open in surprise, your heart beginning to pound violently in your chest.

You rolled over carefully, making sure not to awaken the blond-haired man beside you.

Your eyes softened as you were met with the sleeping face of your boyfriend.

You honestly couldn't believe that he was holding you so intimately and familiarly...It was so unusual for him to show any sign of affection at all, let alone cuddle with you. He had always managed to keep to his own side of the bed, making sure the two of you never even touched once throughout the night.

You had told him to sleep in the guest room. You had told him to leave you alone for the night.

You were glad that he didn't.

You could feel yourself beginning to grow emotional as you looked at him.

This was the most peaceful you had seen him in months.

His forehead, which was usually wrinkled with stress, was no smooth and soft as he slept silently, arms holding you close to him.

His body emitted warmth, unlike the Jimin you had encountered in your dreams...and you found yourself being much more fond of the warmth that your boyfriend put off than the coldness of your dream man.

You hesitantly raised your hand to Jimin's face, fingertips brushing the soft skin of his cheek.

When no reaction came from him, you continued to admire his features, silently.

Your finger slowly traced his face, moving to the bridge of his nose before falling to the curve of his plump lips that always seemed to mock you with their distance.


Your e/c eyes snapped up at the sound of your name coming from his lips.

Jimin's brown eyes slowly blinked open, his gaze moving to lock with your own.

You swallowed hard, expecting him to complain about how late he slept, or about how you didn't wake him up...He always found a reason to yell at you.

You pulled your hand away from his face, beginning to roll over.

"It's not that late." You stated. "If you hurry, you can get an early start on your work-"

A gasp left your lips as his grip tightened around you, turning you back over to face him and pushing your body against his in one swift motion.

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