Chapter One

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"You've got to be kidding me."

Your voice came out as a grumble as you stood with your arms crossed over your chest, your e/c eyes scanning over the large house before you with distaste and annoyance.

You had been dragged across the country for this?

When your boyfriend told you about his promotion a few weeks ago, you were happy for him and ecstatic that he could continue doing what he loved while getting paid more money...but then he told you that he would have to relocate and your enthusiasm instantly dropped.

Since the the two of you had been living together for about two years, he told you that he expected you to go with him, which meant leaving behind all your friends and were certainly less than thrilled about that...

But you knew that your relationship wouldn't be able to survive if he went far away from you...After the incident a few months ago...the two of you already weren't on good terms.

You barely had a conversation longer than five minutes. He was always too caught up in his work to pay attention to you and you were still quite angry with him for what had happened....

You almost left him.

But you didn't...He begged you to stay with him...saying he would be better to you, and like an idiot, you believed him...

Nothing changed.

He still ignored you, working harder than two hadn't gone out in a long time, let alone shown any affection. At first, you tried to initiate skinship, but he always shrugged you off, telling you that he was busy and you were distracting him..

In all honesty, you didn't know why you were still together, he clearly didn't want you around anymore...and you were beginning to get used to his constant absence...You deserved better than that.

It wasn't always like this, though.

You used to be crazy for each other.

When Jimin first asked you to be his girlfriend, you were two kids who were madly in love. He would always do sweet things to surprise you. He'd kiss you out of nowhere and even give you massages. He was kind and thoughtful..and he always put you first.

But now it was like he couldn't stand the sight of you...and the feeling was mutual.

You had drifted apart. There was no use in denying it.

You had a small hope that the two of you getting away from the city and away from the distractions would help you relight the spark that used to be between you....Maybe you would be able to save the relationship that you once had.


"I know it's not ideal," Jimin started from beside you, two large boxes in his arms. "But this is is all the company could get, so you'll have to get over it."

You sent him a glare as he walked past you, into the large house.

You resisted the urge to speak your mind, deciding it would be better not to fight since the two of you had just arrived.

Your eyes scanned over the house again, doing a once over of the pink building.

You shuddered, a feeling of unease climbing up your spine.

Something about this place was weird.

"You must be the new neighbor."

Your body jerked slightly at the new voice that filled your ears, your e/c gaze moving to the man who now stood beside of you.

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