OS - A conversation

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Coming back late from office, Neil found it strange that Avni only tried calling him twice inspite of him being so late. Generally, by now, she would have called him continously and left numerous messages in worry.

After freshing up and eating something from the fridge, he found Avni sleeping in her saree instead of a night gown and her face had dry tear stains.
This never happens, he was worried now. Deciding to ask her about it tomorrow, he was caressing her hair but then he couldn't wait anymore and woke her up.
He needs to clear everything immediately. For himself. For her. For them. Their relationship and future. He can't lose her, at any cost.

Neil: Avni, wake up. Wake up yaar.

Avni: Kya hua, Neil? Is everything alright? Kuch hua hai kya? Did something happen to you?

Neil: Why did you cry?

Avni: Cry? When did I, Neil. What are you talking about? (Neil didn't miss the nervousness on her face).

Neil: Don't lie to me, Avni. I can clearly see it on your face.
Realizing that she has been caught. Avni decided to make up a story..

Avni: Woh, kuch nahi. I was just missing Aman. I'll go meet him in the Juvenile home tomorrow. Don't worry about it. Let's sleep.

Avni was about to turn and sleep, when Neil pulled her in a hug. Not being able to control himself, Neil started crying.

Neil: Jhoot kyun bol rahi ho? Kya hua, Avni? You can tell me anything. Tell me everything. Everything that goes on in your head. Every small and big thing. Ab sach sach batao.

Avni: Dar lag raha hai, Neil.

Neil: About what, love?

Avni: That you'll also leave like everybody did. I feel that you might get bored of me and maybe you like spending time with Mishti and Juhi.

Neil: What? What makes you think like that?

Then he realised that they haven't had a proper conversation after Juhi & Mishti arrived and this would definently create insecurities in Avni.
Just the way he is afraid of losing her, she is afraid too.

Neil: I want to make one thing very clear to you Avni. I might support Juhi for the time being but after sometime, she will leave.
I'll definitely help her with Mishti.. but Juhi needs to help herself.. she can't expect me to be around. And I'll make sure she knows about this. You are my life now. And I'm not leaving your side ever.
I hope you don't want to leave too.
He was scared about her answer.

Avni: Ofcourse not. I love you, Neil. Yes I might feel a little insecure but I trust you and love you.

Neil: You know Avni, I want to see your face every morning when I wake up. I want to eat with you when I come back from office, cuddle you, make love to you, have fights with you, apologize to you, have kids with you, grow old with you.. do everything with you..
I want you to be around me all the time..
I want to have a normal married life with you, I love you, I love you Mrs. Avni Neil Khanna, just the way you are. My tubelight wifey.

Avni: I love you too, Neil but please yaar, stop calling me tubelight. I'm not..

Neil: Acha.. then why do you always turn your face away?

Avni: What do you..?
With that Avni hit him with a pillow, the pillow led to a lot of laughter, which led to a make out session and now they are cuddling and sleeping.

Indeed they had a big smile on their faces.
Just a frank conversation and they knew things will always work out for them.

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